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How To Play Anything In Winamp


How To Play Anything In Winamp

Winamp is an excellent media player but some people think it can only play only audio formats and very few video formats, but this trick that will enable all you winamp freaks to play almost all videos in winamp because winamp can already play almost all audio formats, so this tutorial will show u how to play various videos in winamp that are not actually handled by winamp in general.

Ok, so lets get started
What u need:
1. Klite Mega Codec Pack
2. Winamp

And I assume winamp is already installed, so all u need to do is install all codecs of KLMPC(Klite Mega Codec Pack)and finish the installation.

Now open winamp and goto
Double click "Nullsoft Directshow Decoder"
And add the extension u wanna play e.g., "RA;RM;RMVB;MP4;M4V;MKV;FLV", without("")
Close winamp and start again now try playing the files and u will notice that winamp will pick em up just like any other file it generally plays.

Note: Download "KLMPC" only as "KLCP" does not have real alternative included in the package but if u install KLCP u can still install real alternative seperately.

By default winamp only handles "MPG;MPEG;M2V;AVI" extensions

U can play quicktime files also after installing qt alternative and add the "MOV" to "Nullsoft Directshow Decoder" but protected quicktime files still require actual quicktime installed.
Enjoy !!

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