How To Setup Premium Rapidshare Account In IDM


First you have to download & install IDMInternet Download Manager in your computer.
When Setup Premium Rapidshare Account In IDM, your will save a lots of time for download with Rapidshare links, you don't have to typing the account again anymore, don't have to click on the links & IDM help you download with maximum speed.

step 1. Open IDM
step 2. Click Options => Sites Logins
step 3. New
step 4. Select http://
step 5. typing
step 6. you account
step 7. your password
step 8. comfirm password
step 9. click Ok


How to download

if you see single link
2.just right click on the link (Select download with IDM)
3.If you see 2,3,4,5,6....or more than 1 link just highlight all links then right click (Select download with IDM)
4.after that you will see the window said"Download All Links with IDM" check All then click Ok
6.then go back to IDM window click Start Queue

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