How To Split Files And Upload Them To Rapidshare


How To Split Files And Upload Them To Rapidshare

Before we start you will need a program called Win-RAR


Ok, now we are ready. Find a file you want to upload that's over 100 mb.
put the file in a folder, right click on the folder and choose the following option:

Set the Size you want each part to be splitted: (Best choice of 100mb per part)

You should get a result like this:

Now the fastest way to upload your files to Rapidshare is using Rapid Uploader.
it's easy and there's no open windows making your internet surfing slower.

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Some site now done all the job for you !

Upload file up to 2Go, choose where to upload (rapidshare, UltraShare, FileFactory, SendSpace, ...).
The site will split file and will upload to chosen hosting sites...

Easy !

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