How To Bypass Megaupload Download Limit

Megaupload Download Limit

MegaUpload is one of the most popular Webhosting and free file hosting that allows users to upload and store files up to 250 MB in size if you want to download files from MegaUpload file hosting service for free,there are some limitations that applied to regular users,when i tried to download from my country some times it shows
"All Download slots assign to your country are in use"...or when i get chance :) to download it allows for only 250 Mb limit..
Hey ... i'm going to tell you how to bypass the download limit of megaupload .. it's not very hard. i tried it and it works for me.......
You can try another trick How To Bypass Megaupload Download Limit With Firefox

first of all you have to have firefox browser. If you don't download it from Top of the right corner..

Now here's what you do

1. Download the firefox extension user agent switcher from here

2.Click on Extra -> user agent switcher -> Options -> options

3. Go to user agents

4. Click add

5. In the box description you put in the name

megaupload bypass

or whatever you want
In the box user agent put in

Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; Alexa Toolbar)

6. Now when your gonna download from megaupload just go to useragent switcher and press on useragent megaupload bypasser and you can keep downloading but when your done i suggest you go back to the default agent has been done you can download as much as you want as a free user but only one file at a time and after about 10 files you have to wait 15 min and you can download 10 files again ... its a pain but this hack keeps working unlimited for free users.
try it...

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Thank You

30.7.11 delete

thank u sir...but can you tell how to bypass every time 24 second

30.8.11 delete

Sir Sachin...
Can this work in new firefox 5. because the addon doesnt exist any longer....... :)

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Holy shit, this actually works!! Even in later Firefox versions! THANK YOU SOO MUCH!

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