How To Mount ISO Files Or Any Image


Here i Show you how to mount ISO files or any Image files of Pc Games,Ps2 Games etc..

First off there are two softwares I like to use when mounting a image.

1. Alcohol 120%

2. Daemon Tools

Daemon Tools is free and easy to use.

I usually recommend Alcohol 120%.

But if your a Newbie use Daemon Tools.

Lets Get Started First were going to use Alcohol 120%.

Step 1: Run Alcohol 120%

It should look something like this.

Step 2: Go down to Virtual CD/DVD-ROM and right click it.

Then Click:Mount Image.

Then Browse to where ever u placed your image.Then select your image then hit open.Your Games Autorun should pop up. If not go to My Computer Then Double Click the Virtual Drive.

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