How To Move The Menu Bar In Internet Explorer 7

How To Move The Menu Bar In Internet Explorer 7 in Windows XP and Vista

Follow these instructions below, and within a matter of seconds you will have the menu bar in its rightfull place.

Step 1: Close Internet Explorer

Step 2: Go to START-->RUN and type regedit to open the Registry Editor

Step 3: Naviage to the Key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\WebBrowser

Step 4: In the white area to the right, right-click and select NEW-->DWORD and label this new entry ITBar7Position and hit ENTER

Step 5: Double-click the ITBar7Position entry you just created to open it's properties window and change the value from 0 to 1

Step 6: Close the registry editor

Step 7: Open Internet Explorer 7 and you will now see the Menu Bar at the top.
Done! you now have the Internet Explorers menu bar where it should be

For Windows Vista: An attachment at the bottom of this post is included for a fix for IE7. Once downloaded, double-click the file and click YES to the warning. Once it's done, open up IE7 and it will work fine.

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