How To Play HD Movies On Your Xbox 360

How To Play HD Movies On Your Xbox 360

This guide will show how to convert .mkv files quickly and easily to play on your Xbox 360, from your PC, via your network can also learn How To Burn Xbox 360 Games
Here we start

1.First off you need to download and install the newest version of CCCP

2.Then download and install the AC3Filter

3.Lastly download the GotSent Package

Download GotSent Package from here

Once you have done all that, open up a .mkv movie with media player classic, or Windows Media Player, most players will work... EXCEPT VLC player!!!
Look in the taskbar for this icon...

4.Right click the icon and select AC3 Filter

5.After conversion i found that the volume is a lot lower than the original, to fix this adjust the gain in the AC3 Filter settings until the sound from the original video file matches your normal system sound or MP3 volume.

6.Once done hit OK and close your video.

7.Next open Gotsent, and pick the .mkv you want to convert by clicking file, then navigating to the video you want to convert. Make sure to check Split > 4GB, or else the xbox wont recognize the output file!

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This is not a good solution, the program convert HD into SD. So not interresting.

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