How To Splitting Files In Small Parts


Rapidshare or other file uploading sites has 100mb limit.. so fif you wanna upload files bigger then 100Mb you have to split them in small parts.. you can do it easily by using WinRAR !! in this tutorial i will show you how to split 600 MB movie in small parts..

if you're thinking of splitting a file with HJSplit or similar, DONT! Programs like those do not provide any sort of error checking, crc's or error repairing and they do not perform diagnostics or testing. WinRar does.If you download the split parts of a movie and they have been split with HJSplit and one or more parts have become corrupt during the download process (which is not uncommon), there is very little you can do except re-download all the parts again because you don't know what the matter is.

With WinRar you at least have options that can salvage a perfectly working video from corrupt files or at least tell you exactly which file is the problem so you only have to download that part again.

1.First step is to open WinRar. Go to Tools at the top menu and select Wizard

2.Check Create a new archive and click Next.

3.Now select the file we want to split, which in this case is the first Con Air CD.

4.Select a destination for the parts and I would recommend changing the name of the archive to something a bit more cryptic than just the name of the movie. For this example I've used the initial's of the movie "CA" plus CD 1. I do this to lessen the chance of having the links reported.

5.On the next screen, click Set password... if you wish to have a password for the movie. This is of course optional but I always set a password mainly to prove that it is in fact my own upload and not just taken from another warez site.

6.Now in the drop down box on the same screen, select Zip100: 98078 kb so that the archive will be broken into 100MB chunks. After that, click Finish and the process will begin.

7.Once it's finished, repeat the same for the second CD and you should end up with 16 files.

I would also recommend at this point the you extract the movie from the parts to test it and make sure nothing went wrong with the splitting or password. This will save you a lot of time if you find out something did go wrong after uploading all the parts. Now it's just a matter of uploading the files and you're done.

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