IBM GLOBAL SERVICES Sample Question Answers

1. An instructer in a computer training institute offers a six weeks course on the following topics :
* cobol
* Spass
* Fortran
* Lindo
* WOrd Star
* Lotus
* Basic
* Gino
* WOrd Perfect
Each time a course is offered, the instructer covers six of the
above 9 topics. The instructer teaches exactly one topic per week as per
the following rules:
i. Basic is always covered and is always in first week.
ii. Word STar and Word Perfect are always covered with Word
Perfect covered in the week immediately preceding Word Star.
iii. Gino is never covered in the same course in which Lindo is
iv. Fortran is not covered unless Cobol has been covered in one of
the previous weeks.

a. If Gino is covered in the week immediately preceding the week
Word Perfect is covered, which of the following cannot be ruled out.
1. Cobol is covered in the third week
2. Spss is covered in the second week.
3. Word Star is covered in the second week
4. Fortran is covered in the fourth week
b. which of the following is possible sequence of topics in a six
week courses.
1. Basic, Word Star, Word Perfect, Fortran, Spss, Gino
2. Basic, Word Star, Word Perfect, Spss, Fortran, Lindo
3. Basic, Word Perfect, Word Star, Spss, Cobol, Lindo -- Ans.
4. Basic, Word Perfect, Word Star, Cobol, Spss, Gino

c. Which is the following will never be covered in the sixth week
of the course.
1. Fortran
2. Lindo
3. Word Perfect
4. Word Star

d. If both Fortran and Spss are to be covered and Fortran is
covered in the fifth week, in which week is Spss covered.
1. Second
2. Third
3. Fourth
4. Sixth

2. Ravi went to a stationary shop with certain amount of money with this he can buy either 15 note books or 25 pencils. He retained 15% of the money for bus expenses. If buys 5 pencils, then the number of note books he can buy is
1. 10 2. 06 3. 12 4. None of these
Ans : 4

3. Pr is a diameter of a circle with center O, and chord PQ=5cm. and SR=8cm.The ratio of PS and PQ is
1. 1:1
2. 4:3
3. 3:4
4. 5:4
Ans: 1

4. Consider two operations, # and * such that
X # Y = X+Y-XY and
X * Y = (X+Y_/2
a. For (x # Y) > (X * Y) to become true
1. 1,2 2. 5,1 3. 2,3 4. none
Ans: none

b. For what values of X and Y is the following is true?
(x * Y) # (X # Y) < (X * y) * (X # Y) > 1. 2,4 2. 5,1 3. 1,5 4. none
Ans : 3

5. The chief executive officer of the country's most successful
steel manufacturing firm amused at the publicity her management practices have attracted. She thinks managers get too much of the credit for upswings in their business. "A fickle public assumes too easily that managers are brilliant when demand is strong and idiotic when it is weak", she asserts.It can be inferred from the statement made by the chief exicutive officer that she believes which of the following?
1. A successful manager should attempt to control public openion
2. There are no masagers who can justifiably be said to be
3. The role of managers becomes less important during economic
downturns than it is in relatively prosperous times.
4. The level of demand for the products of the manafacturing
firms cannot be completely controlled by managers of the firms

6. A report of 480 pages had to be typed. The office supervisor had 12 type-writters. He appointed some typests to do the job. However some of them did not report for the duty. As a result each of the these who did, had to type 75 more pages than one originally planned. How many typests are appointed and how many reported for work.
1. 12,4
2. 10,
3. 10,4
4. none
Ans: 3

7. Let X and Y be any two real numbers and mi(X,Y)=min(X,Y), mo(X,Y)=max(X,Y) and ab(X)=|X| If x=-1, y=5 and z=-8 then what is the value of mo(ab(x),mi(y,mi(x,ab(z)))) ?
1. -2
2. 5
3. 8
4. 2
Ans: 3

8. Apersonal manager had stored certain data on employes working in his firm in a table on a computer disk. But due some problem, in the disk he could not recover teh data entirely. Teh following be could recover.

Qualification Total
male 20
Female 64
total 60
He has the following information available
40% of the employees were females
One third of the male employees are MCA's
Half teh employees were either MBA's or B.Tech's
a. How many students are both male and MCA
1. 0
2. 12
3. 20
4. 32
----Ans: 3
b. What proportion of MBA's are female
1. 0.1
2. 0.2
3. 0.4
4. 1.0
----Ans: 2
c. How many are females and B.Tech
1. 32
2. 16
3. 0
4. 8
----Ans: 2
d. Among what is teh ratio of male and female
1. 10
2. 5
3. 100
4. none
----Ans: 3

9. Consider the following steps
a. put x=1, y=3
b. repalce x by xy
c. replace y by y+2
d. if y>11 then goto step f otherwise goto step e
e. go to step b
f. stop
Find the value of x
1. 10395
2. 545
3. 9450
4. none
Ans: 1

10. The transfer of heat and water vapour from the ocean to teh air above it depends on a disequilibrium at the interface of the water and air. Within about a mm of wate, teh air temp is close to that of the surface water,and the air is nearly saturated.but the differences, however small , are cruciel and the disequilibrium is maintainmed by air nesr the surface maixing the air higher up, which is typecilly appreciably cooler and lower in wate vapour content.the air is mixed by means of
turbulence that depends on the wind for its energy. as rhe wind speed increases, so does the turbulense,nad rate of heat and moisturer transfer. Detailed understanding of this phenominanawits further study. ....
a. The primary purpose of the passage is to
1. resolve a controversy
2. describe a phenomenon
3. conform research findings
4. outline theory
5. classify various obsevations

b. Accordijng to the passage , wind over the ocean generally does
which of the following
1. causes relatively cool, dry air to come into proximity with the ocean surface
2.Maintains a steady rate of heat and moisture transfer between the ocean and the air
3. Causes frequent changes in teh temp. of the water at the ocean's surfaces
A. 1 only
B. 2 only
C. 1 and 2 only
D. 2 and 3 only
E. 1,2 and 3
Ans: A
c. It can be inferred fromthe passage that teh auther regards
currents knowledge about heat and moisture transfer from the ocean to air as
1. Revolutionary
2. Inconswquential
3. Outdated
4. DErivative
5. Incomplete
d. Teh passge suggests that if on a certain day teh wind were to decrease until there was no wind at all, which of the following would occur
1. Teh air closest to the ocean surface would become saturated
2. Teh air closest to teh ocean surface would warmer then water
3. The amount of mooisture inair closest to the ocean surface would decrease
4. Teh rate of heat and moisture transfer would increase
5. The air closest to the ocean would be at the same temp. as air hieger up.
Ans: 3

11. Threee children A,B,C each had a certain no of marbles. First A gave both B and C the same no of marbles each already had.Then C gave both A and C as many marbles as one had.Finally C gave both A and B as many marbles as one had.Now each one of them has same no of marbles.
a. If x,y,z were the no of marbles with A, B , C respectively to
start with how many marbles did B have at the end?
1. 4(x-y-z)
2. 9z+x-y
3. x+y-z
4. 2(3y-x-z)
Ans: 4

b. If the total no. of marbles was 72 how many marbles A had
1. 39
2. 6
3. 26
4. 32
Ans: 1

12. The rate of increase of paper is observed to be 1.5% more than the inflation rete.The price of certain quantity of paper on todsy is Rs.25/-If the inflation rate for next two years are expecteds to be 6.5% every year. Teh expected price of paper two years will be
1. 29.16
2. 31.10
3. 32.10
4. 30.0
Ans: 1

13. Each question has a pair of Capitalized Words followed by few
options.Choose the option which best expresses the relationship similar to
that expressed inteh capatalized pair.

1. arts : science
2. matter : mind
3. cosmology : philosophy
4. amoeba : cell
----Ans : 3

1. license : subordination
2. paricipatory : inflammatory
3. use : absue
4.consensus : directive
----Ans: 1


1. unreasonable: thoughtless
2. conciliate : personal
3. random : judgmental
4. hasty : individualistic
----Ans : 3

1. flower : bee
2. canal : otter
3. nest : bird
4. acron : squirrel
5. bait : fish
-----Ans : 3

1. chase : metal
2. patch : quilt
3. gild : gold
4. crave : knife
5. stain : glass
-----Ans: 4

1. scaffold : hinge
2. brace : corner
3. struct : buttress
4. lattice : division
5. girder : skyscraper
-----Ans : 3

1. insistent : rudeness
2. benevolent : perfection
3. redundent : superfluity
4. prevalent : universality
5. aberrant : uniqueness
-----Ans : 3

1. brick : mason
2. road : driver
3. kitchen : cook
4. letter : secretary
5. knife : butcher
---- Ans: 5

1. jeer : sullenness
2. glower : redicule
3. frown : displeasure
4. corporation : respect
5. flattery : love
----Ans: 3

1. radiate : glow
2. converge : attract
3.flounder : move
4. swerve : turn
5. flow : ebb
---- Ans : 2

1. crutch : limbs
2. hearing aid : ears
3. wig : head
4. pacemaker : heart

14. A, B, and C are three numbers.Teh following operations are
@(A,B) = average of A and B
*(A,B) = Product of A and B
/(A,B) = A devided by B
a. if A=4 B=2, the value of /(@(*(A,B),B)A) is
1. 8
2. 16
3. 4
4. none
Ans: 4
b. Sum of A and B is given by
1. /(@(B,A),2)
2. *(@A,B),2)
3. @(*(A,B),2)
4. @(/(A,B),2)
Ans: 2
c. Average of A,B and C is given by
1. *(/(@(*(@(B,A),2),C),3),2)
2. /(@(*(@(A,B),2),C),2)
3. /(*(@(*(A,B),2),2),C)
4. none
Ans: 1

16. Teh table below shows the end of month market value of 3 share for
the period from jan to june

Jan 30 60 80
Feb 45 65 70
Mar 50 70 85
Apr 50 75 80
May 35 75 80
Jun 55 70 82

Answer the following
a. Which share shaved the greatst percentage increase in market
value in any month during the entire period.
1. A
2. B
3. C
Ans : A
b. In which month the greaterst absolute change in market value
for any share recorded.
1. feb
2. March
3. April
4. none
Ans: 4
c. The ratio of total number of times prices increased during the
entire' duration to that of the total number of times prices reduced duing the same duration is maximum for
1. A
2. B
3. C
Ans: 3
d. If I buy 2 shares of A in Jan, 4 shares of B and C each in Feb,
The Maximum % of gain one can make by selling them at appropriate month is
1. 25.5 %
2. 12.5%
3. 15.5%
4. none
Ans: 2
e. If i have to buy 1 share of C by selling 1 share of B and 1
share of A the best month will be
1. July
2. Jan
3. March
4. April
Ans: 4

18) A square piece of metal sheet of certain size is taken and four
equal squares of certain size is cut at corners of the sheet. The sides are then turned up to form an open box.When filled completely, the box
could hold 128 ml of oil.The size of card bond before cutting of the square
(a) 10
(b) 12
(c) 17
(d) None of the above.
Ans) 12 . Size of the small square is 2 mm.
8*8*2 = 128.

19) A car after travelling 30 km from a point A developed some problem
in the engine and speed became 4/5 of its original speed. As a result, thecar reached point B 45 minutes late. If the engine had developed the
same problem after travelling 48 Km ,then it would have reached B only 36late. The original spped of the car(KMPH) and the distance b/n the
A and B (in Km) are
(a) 25,130
(b) 20,150
(c) 30,120
(d) None of the above.
Ans) c (check)

20) Ravi, Ramesh , Rahul and Robert were distributing news parers on holidays to earn some pocket money. The amount of money each earned is directly related to the number of news papres they distributed and had the following relationship.

Rahul got less money than Robert. Rahul and Robert together got the same money as Ravi and Ramesh got together Ravi and Robert together got less than Ramesh and Rahul got together.

Who got the most ? Who distributed the lowest number of news papers.

1. Ramesh, Rahul
2. Ramesh, Ravi
3. Rahul, Robert
4 Rahul, Ravi
Ans) 1 (Please check once again)

21) In the square give below E,F,G,and H are the mid points of the
If the area of the square is A, what is the area of the shaded region.

Ans) A/2.

22) For prize distribution items i.e. bag, purse ans pen were
The total number of items purchased were 50. The cost of bag, purse and pen were respectlively Rs.75/-,Rs.35/-,Rs.10/- respectively. The number of bags that were distributed were less than the number of purses and number of pens distributed were more than the number of bags, the difference being more than one;the total cost of puchases was Rs.925/-.The number of bags,purse ans pens that were purchased.
[i] 5 10 20
[ii] 10 5 20
[iii] 15 5 20
[iv] none of the above.

23) In a certain room, all except 18 of the people are over 50 years of age.If 15 of the people in the room are under 50 years of age how many people are in the room.
[1] 27
[2] 30
[3] 33
[4] 36
[5] None of the these.

24) Assume a dealer dealing in TWO items i.e.,washing machine and refrigerator. He has space to store total of 90 of the above two items. Each washing machine costs RS.10,000 and refrigerator Rs. 15,000. He
sell each of the washing m/c for Rs 12,000/- and a refrigerator for Rs.17,500/-. He can invest up to 12 lacks. Assuming that he can sell all items he stores.

[a] For maximum profit, the number of washing machines and refrigerator he should store are:
[i] 30,60
[ii] 60,3
[iii] 40,50
[iv] None of the above.
[b] If the dealer would have managed to get an additional space for 10
more items then for maximising the profit, the ratio of number of
washing machines to refrigerator is
[i] 3/2
[ii] 2/3
[iii] 1/2
[iv] None of the above.

[c] Suppose the dealer gives a discount of 5% on sale price of washing
m/c and 8% on sale price of refrigerator, the maximum profit in lacks
he can make is
[i] 11.62 [ii] 1.26 [iii] 2.16 [iv] None of these.

25) There are 5 cities, A,B,C,D and E connected by 7 roads as shown in the figure below.

from A to B
A to C
B to C
C to D
D to B
D to E
B to E
[i] Design a route such that you start from any city of your choice and
walk on each of the 7 roads once and only once,and not necessarily returning to the city from which you started.
For a route that satisfies the above restriction,which of the
following statements is true.

1. There is no route which satisfies the above restriction.
2. The route either starts at C or ends at C, but not both.
3. D can be only an intermediate city in the route.
4. The route has to necessarily end at E

[ii] How many diffrent starting cities are possible such that the above restriction is satisfied.

[1] One
[2] Zero
[3] Three
[4] Two

26. There are six machines in a factory labelled A,B,C,D,E and F. An operator is scheduling a work plan of these machines for next work. Consisting of five consecutive working days : Monday through Friday. Machines A,B, and C are of 1st type machines D and E are of 2nd type, and F is of 3rd type the work must me scheduled keeping the following constriants :

-The operator must work on each of these six machines during the work week.
-The operator cannot work on the same machine on two consecutive days .
-On any day the operator works on A, he must work on D. He cannot work on F that day.
-On any day the operator works on more than on machine they must
all be of diffrent types.

[a] The operator could schedule work on which of the follwing machines same day.

[1] A,D and F
[2] A,C and E
[3] A,D and E
[4] B,C and F
[5] B,D and F

[b] If the operators decision is not to work on machine D on Tuesday, he cannot work on the machine

[1] A on Monday
[2] B on tuesday
[3] C on wednesday
[4] E on Thursday
[5] F on friday

[c] If the operators decision is to work on Machine A on Monday and Friday only, and on machine E on Wednesday only. The worker must work on machine of type 2 on exactly how many work days.

[1] 1
[2] 2
[3] 3
[4] 4
[5] 5

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