Reset CMOS (And Bios Passwords)

Sometimes this occurs due hardware related issues such as electrical problems or due to inadvertence, such as someone setting and then forgetting the password. It can happen as the result of accidental use of a Bios password by a new user.we can reset password by removing all power to the Bios/CMOS thereby forcing it to reset itself to its stored defaults, which include no password or the default password employed by the Bios manufacturer. i show you another trick to quickly reset CMOS(and bios passwords) from within windows

1.create a new text file and paste this inside

@echo off
echo reset bios?
echo o 70 17 > r_cmos.dbg
echo o 71 17 >> r_cmos.dbg
echo q >> r_cmos.dbg
debug < r_cmos.dbg
del rbios.dbg
echo bios was reset seccessfully!
exit it and change the .txt file extension to .bat and then you can run it by double clicking the file all it takes less then a second, no more playing with cmos battaries and jumpers

3.After you will reboot your computer you should see that it has been reset

by the way , there are few varients to the generic bios(award,ami) reset
70 17,71 17
if it doesn't work , you can this instead:

o 70 2E
o 71 FF

and this is for pheonix bios:
o 70 FF
o 71 17

hope it helps,

Basically, it creates a file and populates it with:
o 70 17
o 71 17
then passes that file through debug. I haven't used debug before, but I'm guessing "o 70 17" outputs 17 to the register at address 70, which would hold some type of password status. Not sure whether 17 represents null or not.

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