How To Fool A Keylogger

keyloggers are widely available on the Internet and can be used by private parties to spy on the computer usage of others.Keystroke logging (often called keylogging) is a diagnostic tool used in software development that captures the user’s keystrokes. keylogger can hide in your system and spy on you and then send the logs to a hacker via e-mail or FTP.

These days Agents spy on you everywhere, in college, in internet cafe, at work, maybe a trojan virus on your home PC which keylogs your passwords and mails it to someone else. i am going to teach you on how to fool a keylogger in case its already installed in pc.If you think you are being logged try this..

Whenever you have to type a password, never type the complete password in one go, ie, if your password is SACHINKT, u should type CHIN, then move cursor to start of the password field using the mouse ONLY, then type SA, then move cursor to end using the mouse and type KT. This way the logger will record your keystrokes as CHINSAKT instead of SACHINKT.

This is useful in public areas where you are logging into like PayPal or like Internet Banking etc.So its a really useful trick if you are doing anything in public.
Or you can use the Computers Accessibility On-Screen Keyboard.
Start->All Programs->Accessories->Accessibility->On-Screen Keyboard

Ebay Hacks: How To Create Attractive Ebay HTML Pages

Three months ago i got a project where i have to work on Ebay auction pages.My client want to increase sells through these auction pages.. lol every Ebay seller wants...
There are thousands of websites that give you free Ebay auction templates but i want to make something better, more customized, more attractive, more liquidity.After all when you have a custom auction template, it will set you apart from the competition. If your product presentation is eye catching it will sell your auction 60% more of the time.

so i studied a lot about Ebay, whats the Ebay TOS, Policies, about auctions, about stores, categories etc.. and then i find some beautiful ebay hacks.By using these ebay hacks i made more customized pages and my cleint got what he want :).

My Ebay Hacks

1.On my client Ebay auction pages i used lots of Flash like as i use in my blog header.Flash is a best tool for creating interactive animations,flash gives attractive looks and enhance the presentation of product.

2.Store Search

This hack searches products with in sellers store.I used this store search hack on each auction page because if buyers want to search more products,it searches with in clients store not in Ebay store.sellers products visibility increases.

3.Store Search With Categories

This hack searches products with in sellers store by's a buyers friendlily search searches with in sellers store categories not in Ebay store Categories.sellers products categories visibility increases.

4.Search in Categories By Price

This hack is most important. in this hack buyer search products in sellers store categories with price cool :). if buyer want to buy product in price range 100$ to 249$ or 2000 Indian Rs to Indian 4999 Rs he/she just click on

And it will show products with in price range only in sellers store categories.

5. Product Video's

By using this hack seller shows actual products and earn buyers trust.only pictures of products are not enough.

If you are a Ebay seller,you know how these hacks are important and you know after applying these hacks on Ebay auction pages it will set your auction apart from the competition and definitely increase your sells.
So Ebay sellers I know it feels like evil,but if you want me to help you to increase your ebay sells..
!!! Hire Me !!!

or i will make tutorials for each hack.when i have time... ;)

How To Get Best Quality From Video File

If you have ever been through the process of editing or burning video on your PC,you always want to produce your movie masterpieces in a format with the best video quality, but with a file size suitable to burn onto a CD or DVD.

When we try to compress movie file,we lost the contrast and brightness of movie.
in this tutorial i show you how to get best quality from video file when you watching your favorite movie.

1.Download the software Neuview Media Player
It's new unique Media Player it will improve Every Movie on Your hard drive and every film you watch through it from now on. read more here

What is Pixelfusion?
Pixelfusion is basically an image resampling method. There are many resampling methods already available, ranging from point sampling, to bilinear, bicubic or even windowed sinc. Pixelfusion is different to all of these in one very important aspect... read more here

2. The Main Window

3. Opening the video file

# click on open
# Either open your video file by browsing to the video file's location in the box or drag the video file on main window of software
#Tick the checkbox for adding subtitles or audio dubs or select the video file ans subtitle file and drop on main window of software

4. Settings

#Click the settings
# Adjust brightness,contrast and saturation until you get the colors which look best to you
# then select the sharpness level which looks best to you
#Digital NR is generally not needed

Note:Sharpness is what gives this player ultimate quality, but it takes practice and trial and error to achieving the right sharpness. Believe me when you see the difference between a sharpened video and unsharpened one, you will always use sharpness.

RECOMMENDED: If u set the sharpness to full, the low bitrate videos may appear distorted at the edges. But in general if u download a movie from this thread u wouldn't that effect that much.
For better understanding sharpness go to this page

5.The Simple Menu

# now move the mouse cursor to the top of the player window or click on "menu" in the above window to get this menu.
# This menu is sensitive to mouse cursor.move your mouse cursor over the various option to see further sub options

Now you can enjoy the best quality from video file

Best Settings for most movies:

Brightness : 50-60

Contrast : 85-100

Saturation : 70-80

Digital NR : 0

Sharpness : 100

Keyboard Shortcuts:

C : Pause/Play

N : Open file

M : Mute

Q : Back 2 mins

W : Forward 2 mins

P : Take Screenshot (saved as .bmp for maximum quality)

F1 to F7 : Pixelfusion Levels

Expression Web Master Page Tutorial in ASP.NET Part -3 (Div Tags,CSS Properties)

In previous post CSS Tutorial In ASP.NET Master Page Expression Web i told you what is CSS and all about page properties like adding Background Picture,Background colors,Text colors, Hyperlink colors,Visited Link colors etc using Microsoft Expression.

In this tutorial i tell you how to use <.div.> tags and about CSS properties.

What Is Div Tag ?

Div tags are block elements that allow you to position elements contained within them.they can "hold" other HTML elements, and they can be positioned anywhere on the allow you to create blocks of content like table-based Web designs.

Basics of CSS Styles

1.As an "inline Style" which is directly apply on page
2.As a "class" that can be applied to multiple elements
3.As a tag name that will then cause all those tags in the page to pick up the style's attributes
4. As an ID based style that will be applied to one element in a page that has that ID
These Style are defined using special syntax

1.Inline Styles

# Inline Style are defined directly on the page element that they are intended to affect.
# It Defined using the style attribute.
# Inline styles are useful for very localized styling,but had better be avoided since we are mixing our presentation directly into our content.

2.Tag Based CSS Style

# Tag based styles are useful for providing a central way of controlling how all tags of particular name displayed.
# It also defined by creating a style rule that has the same name as the tag.

3.Class Based CSS Style
Expression Web Master Page Tutorial in ASP.NET (Div Tags,CSS Properties)
# class based style define a style sheet with a meaningful name that can be applied to any element on the page.
# It is useful for defining styles that will be used on more than one kind of element.

4.ID Based CSS Style
Expression Web Master Page Tutorial in ASP.NET (Div Tags,CSS Properties)
# ID Based styles define a styl sheet that is signified to be applied to onlt one element on the Web page
# It is useful for defining a style that you only want to be used once in the page.

Now we add DIV tag to our Master PageThe easiest way to adding DIV tags just double click on DIV in Toolbox - HTML - Tage as shown in below picture or you can drag n drop tags where you want.

Expression Web Master Page Tutorial in ASP.NET (Div Tags,CSS Properties)

After inserting DIV tag , create new style which control this DIV tag that how it position on this page,to do that simply click on New Style on Manage styles or Apply Styles.

Expression Web Master Page Tutorial in ASP.NET (Div Tags,CSS Properties)

As i told you that CSS used to apply presentational attributes to the content of a web page.CSS can be defined and applied in several.

Now you see popup window of New Style.
Expression Web Master Page Tutorial in ASP.NET (Div Tags,CSS Properties)

Next part i will show you in another tutorial(DIV Properties,Top Header)Tutorial Expression Web Asp.Net Master Page..

My Beautiful Flash Header Blogger Template

My Beautiful Flash Header Blogger Template

Hey !! How's my new Flash blogger theme ?? cool ?? yessss it is.... :) I was getting bored with my old blogger template. i get this Wordpress template from because i don't have time to make my own ha ha ha.... just joking...,its a beautiful Wordpress template converted into blogger template by i experiment with my header,i made beautiful flash add it as a header,it took lots of time but you can see the results ;) .. i checked this flash header template in Firefox,IE 7 and IE 6 it works great but don't know about other i am working on my other blog Celebs-Girls.Hope result will be good.
How To Download Free Audio/Music/MP3/Real/Wav Softwares

How To Download Free Audio/Music/MP3/Real/Wav Softwares

Freeware softwares are hard to find on internet.On freeware search the results shows by search engines like shareware,demos,trail version mostly.i find some totally free and very useful Audio and Mp3 applications.
These all programs are free and easy to use.all softwares are freeware you can download Audio softwares,Music softwares,MP3 softwares,Real softwares,Wav Softwares,CD burn Softwares,Audio mixing Softwares,Audio Recorders,Music Rip softwares,Mp3 Split softwares,Mp3 Tags Editors,Recording Streaming Music..and much more..

  • adjust sound volume of mp3 files : MP3Gain
  • backup a midi file : MIDI Backup Utility
  • burn an audio CD : Easy Burning
  • burn an audio CD : cdrtfe
  • burn an audio CD : jCDWriter
  • copy an audio CD : CDRDAO
  • correct/edit tags of mp3 files : Mp3 Tag Tools
  • correct/edit tags of mp3 files : MP3 Book Helper
  • correct/edit tags of mp3 files : MusicBrainz Tagger!
  • correct/edit tags of mp3 files : MP3-Info Extension
  • cut/edit/mix/record/remix sound files : Audacity
  • dj with the mp3 collection : Mixxx
  • manage CD collection : Ant Movie Catalog
  • mix audio files : Mixere
  • play an audio file : Coolplayer
  • play an audio file : LongPlayer
  • play an audio file : SnackAmp
  • play an audio file : NotifyCD
  • play an audio file : musikCube
  • play an audio file : Delphamp
  • play an audio file : Zinf
  • record save/ audio/video from screen : Krut Computer Recorder
  • record/save an internet audio broadcast : Juice
  • record/save streaming music : ASFRecorder
  • record/save streaming music : Streamripper for Winamp
  • record/save streaming music : StationRipper
  • rip music from a CD : MediaCoder
  • rip music from a CD : CDex
  • rip music from a CD : CD-DA X-Tractor
  • sequence midi files : JAZZ++
  • split an mp3 file into smaller parts : Mp3splt
  • split an mp3 file into smaller parts : split3pm
  • stream audio files on the web : GNUMP3d
  • stream audio files on the web : PeerCast
  • tag and upload creative commons audio : ccPublisher
  • turn PC into a media center : MediaPortal
  • update firmware on mp3 device : Rockbox
  • wrap mutiple mp3 files into one playable album file : Alba
  • wrap mutiple mp3 files into one playable album file : Mp3Wrap

  • How To Join Two Or More .Mkv Files

    In previous Posts i told you how to Play .MKV Files And Burn Them To A DVD and how to Convert MKV Files To AVI With Subtitles here i tell you how to join two or more .mkv files

    so here we start,you need to download software MKVToolnix which is free available.

    Start mkvmerge GUI.

    1.Click "Add" to add the first part of the movie.
    2.Now click "Append" to add the second part of the movie.
    3.Choose output folder you want
    4.Finally change your "Output filename" and "Start muxing"
    5.Done !!

    More MKV Tutorials

    Convert DVD To MKV ,
    Convert Avi To Mkv
    Join Two Or More .Mkv Files
    How To Play .MKV Files And Burn Them To A DVD

    How To Burn MKV Files To DVD

    How To Convert MKV Files To AVI With Subtitles
    What is x264 ?

    What is x264 ?

    x264 is an open-source encoder for the H.264 codec used for High-Definition movies on HD-DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs. It has a high compression which is way superior to xvid. That means you get more quality at equal bitrates.

    A 700MB x264 rip will be sharper and more detailed than a 700MB xvid rip from the same source. x264 is the future in DVDrips!
    Read More about x264

    How To Chat with God ?

    Hey !! Do you waana chat with God ?? huh... Yes you can :) you can ask him Questions he gives your Answers.. Just Try it...

    Its Virtual God Bot !!! Actually its an Artificial Intelligence chat in a Flash interface.Copy your Chat and Paste as a comment If you like.. :)

    The ALICE software implements AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) a non-standard evolving markup language for creating chat robots.The primary design feature of AIML is minimalism. Compared with other chat robot languages, AIML is perhaps the simplest. The pattern matching language is very simple.
    AIML is an XML language, implying that it obeys certain grammatical meta-rules. The choice of XML syntax permits integration with other tools such as XML editors. Another motivation for XML is its familiar look and feel, especially to people with HTML experience

    Note: Hit Refresh button if not working....

    Expression Web CSS Tutorial In ASP.NET Master Page Part -2

    In Previous post Expression Web Asp.Net Master Page Tutorial i told you what is Master Page and how to start making ASP.NET site using Microsoft Expression Web i also told you what is ContentPlaceHolder.

    In this tutorial i tell you about what is CSS and Page Properties. Web page properties let you set page title, formatting options, background images, change background and text colors, language and various workgroup settings etc..

    Now just delete this ContentPlaceHolder,select ContentPlaceHolder use delete key of your keyboard,don't worry we can add it latter :).now delete it.

    Expression Web CSS Tutorial In  ASP.NET Master Page
    let's go here to start working on this empty page.we can design ASP.NET Master pager like to desgin any other page.I am going to use CSS to design Master Pages.

    What is CSS ?

    CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a stylesheet language used to describe the presentation of a document written in a markup define how to display HTML elements,CSS is used for formatting structured content.CSS covers fonts, colours, margins, lines, height, width, background images, advanced positions and many other things.Just wait and see! CSS offers more options and is more accurate and sophisticated. CSS is supported by all browsers today.multiple style definitions will cascade into one.Its most common application is to style web pages written in HTML and XHTML, but the language can be applied to any kind of XML documents, it have numerous advanced and sophisticated techniques which are easy to use and understand.

    if you don't have knowledge about CSS i recommend you to read about it form here

    We used Page Properties to change the title of the page. Apart from this you can set the background, sound and color, language, margins and workgroup options for the page. To set the page properties:

    now go to File > Properties

    Expression Web CSS Tutorial In  ASP.NET Master Page

    General Tab General tab lets you manage essential information about your page such as the Location, Page Title.Page Description and Keywords fields were used to categorize pages.which is good for SEO. Write title you want.i use title How To Do.., leave all other blank we will use it latter
    Expression Web CSS Tutorial In  ASP.NET Master Page

    Formatting Tab Formatting tab lets you set and format the background settings.The Background picture checkbox lets you place an image in the page background(if you want),Background color,Text color, Hyperlink color,Visited Link color,Active Hyperlink color ,Hovered link Color you can choose what you want in your ASP.NET website .. and click OK..

    Expression Web CSS Tutorial In  ASP.NET Master Page

    Advanced Tab Advanced tab lets you set margins for that specific page.

    Expression Web CSS Tutorial In  ASP.NET Master Page

    why "0" in all i will tell you latter..

    Here you can see the background color changes to color what i want.

    Expression Web CSS Tutorial In  ASP.NET Master Page

    When you set properties like this Expression Web automatically creates Styles.

    Apply Styles and Manage Styles
    The Apply Styles task pane enables
    # To apply, remove, modify and delete styles attach.
    # To detach external cascading style sheets (CSS).
    # To Select all instances of a style and traverse to the code that defines a style’s rule set.
    # Apply Styles task pane displays each style according to the rules of the style, so you can identify the style you want to apply just by looking at the style’s visual appearance.

    In Apply style Tab you can see all styles you can apply like Background Picture(if you want),Background color,Text color.

    Expression Web CSS Tutorial In  ASP.NET Master Page

    In Manage style Tab you can see all styles you can Manage like Hyperlink color,Visited Link color,Active Hyperlink color ,Hovered link Color..

    Expression Web CSS Tutorial In  ASP.NET Master Page

    Next part i will show you in another (Div Tags,CSS Properties) Expression Web Master Page Tutorial in ASP.NET ..

    How To Change Processor Name

    Here i show you how to change processor name
    See my original Processor Name is Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz

    Now Go to Start > Run > type regedit >

    Then go to
    hkey_local_machine > hardware > discription >system > central processor > on right hand side right click on processor name and string and the click on

    modify and write what ever you want i write Super Computer Intel(R) Pentium(R) 10 CPU 9.99 GHz ;)

    See the Results cool naa :)

    So try it on your PC have a fun....

    Expression Web Asp.Net Master Page Tutorial Part-1

    In Previous Post ASP.NET Tutorial Using Microsoft Expression Web i told you Why Microsoft Expression Web is better then Visual Studio.Take advantage of the best of dynamic Web site design, enabling you to design, develop, and maintain exceptional standards-based Web sites

    In this tutorial i show you how to make ASP.NET master pages in Microsoft Expression Web easily.Expression Web introduced ASP.NET to a new group of web developers. Expression Web is designed to help you start using ASP.NET right away to add powerful new features to your won’t have to learn a lot of programming instead, you’ll create an ASP.NET application from start to finish, while writing only a very small amount of actual programming code.

    What Is Master Pages ?

    ASP.NET master pages allow you to create a consistent layout for the pages in your application. A single master page defines the look and feel and standard behavior that you want for all of the pages (or a group of pages) in your application.

    A ASP.NET web application can have one or more master pages,These have special place-holder Web Controls, called Content Place Holder, The content placeholders define default content for the region defined by the content placeholder control in visual studio. The default content defined by content placeholders can be modified within the master page so that the changes appear on every page to which the master page is attached.

    So here we start
    i assume that you downloaded and installed all softwares,i told you in previous tutorial.

    I begin to creating a website folder,so you can easily create a new website in Expression Web we have to go

    File > New > Web Site

    Expression Web Asp.Net Master Page Tutorial

    Here you have a few options like
    #One Page Website
    #Empty Website
    #Import Website Wizard

    Expression Web Asp.Net Master Page Tutorial

    i recommend Empty Website,that will create an empty directory that Expression Web identify,where all pages,images,scripts,all files of our can see the specify location of website,the full path of the directory,or you can choose your own path where you wanna store your website folder.Then click OK !!

    Expression Web Asp.Net Master Page Tutorial

    Now we are ready to cerate first page of the website that is Master Page that will use to create all other ASP.NET (.aspx) pages in the site.
    go to
    File > New > ASPX
    if you wanna create ASPX page (it's an shortcut to make aspx page)

    File > New > page..
    to create a Master Page
    Expression Web Asp.Net Master Page Tutorial

    go to File > New > page..

    Click on Master Page,you notice another option appears of Programming Languages
    by default Expression Web generates code in C# or you can choose any one of the three Languages C# ,VJ#,VB# according to your need.if you don't know what you need leave it because all programming is done behind the page in C# Language.
    Now you can see Expression Web automatically create <.form.>..

    Expression Web Asp.Net Master Page Tutorial

    When you click inside form you see the ContentPlaceHolder. as i told you Content Place Holder in master pages are like the editable reigns in dynamic web can create as many as Content Place Holders you want in master pages to use it.

    Expression Web Asp.Net Master Page Tutorial

    Note:The master page defines content areas using the ContentPlaceHolder control, and the content pages place their content in the areas identified by the ContentPlaceHolder control in the master page. Pages that use a master page to define the layout may place content only in the areas defined by the ContentPlaceHolder, thus ensuring a consistent site design. Master pages have a .master file extension. Apart from the content required to define the standard look and feel of the application, the master pages also contain all the top-level HTML elements for a page, such as <.html.>, <.head.>, and <.form.>.
    Finally, each master page contains one or more content placeholders that define regions into which the child pages render content.
    next part i will show you in another tutorial..
    CSS Tutorial In ASP.NET Master Page

    How To Shutdown Computer Fast

    1. Open 'Windows Task Manager' (Ctrl+Alt+Del)

    2. Click 'Shutdown' (at the top next to 'Help')

    3. Then HOLD the 'Ctrl' key and Select 'Turn Off'.

    4. You PC turns off immidiately in 5 seconds. I always do this when i am in a rush etc.. It doesn't effect your PC.
    just try it ;)

    ASP.NET Tutorial Using Microsoft Expression Web - 1

    How To Make ASP.NET Website Using Microsoft Expression Web

    You can easily make ASP.NET Dynamic website using Microsoft Expression Web or you can also use Visual Studio. But here i use Microsoft Expression Web. I am not ASP.NET Guru :), I am also newbie in ASP.NET.

    You can use Microsoft Expression Web to design, develop, and maintain outstanding standards-based Web sites. I show you how to create simple and effective small Web applications with Microsoft Expression Web.

    Why Microsoft Expression Web?

    As we all know Visual Studio come with full set of code tools that always have been part of the Visual Studio: compilers, debugger, class libraries, testing tools, etc. On the other hand, Microsoft Expression Web has different design surface with more advanced CSS and visual layout tools, Direct Style Application, imaging tools, spell checker, site management with link fix up and more. Expression Web also has better integration with other Expression family products, such as Graphics Designer.

    However, Expression does not have debugger, it does not provide C#/VB code intelligence and neither it comes with build or test tools. Expression is geared towards 'designer' or a person who is primarily working on a look and feel of the site: layout, fonts, colors, styles, transitions, animations. You probably want to have both tools for make full website.

    Expression Web uses new design surface that is based on former FrontPage technologies, provides much better CSS compliance and significantly better CSS layout tools. So Expression Web is easy to design website as compare to Visual Studio.

    Before start we need to make sure few pieces of software properly installed in system like Microsoft Expression Web, SQL 2000 or SQL 2005...
    here i am using SQL 2000

    You can download a trial version of Microsoft Expression Web

    You can download a free copy of Microsoft SQL Server Express from

    ASP.NET Tutorials

    Cool Google Image Trick

    As all we know Google in Best Search engine in the world.we can find each n every thing in google.

    Let's have fun with google i find cool java script trick

    This worked for me in Firefox and IE 7

    1. Go to

    2. Click "images"

    3. Fill in " google, cars, dogs " or any other word you want.

    4. You will get a page with a lot of thumbnailed images.

    5. Now delete the URL on the address bar

    6. Copy the script down here, and paste it in your address bar

    See this...

    cool :) Try It!!

    Edit: I try this trick on other sites and it works fine (not for all) so try it..