ASP.NET Tutorial Using Microsoft Expression Web - 1

How To Make ASP.NET Website Using Microsoft Expression Web

You can easily make ASP.NET Dynamic website using Microsoft Expression Web or you can also use Visual Studio. But here i use Microsoft Expression Web. I am not ASP.NET Guru :), I am also newbie in ASP.NET.

You can use Microsoft Expression Web to design, develop, and maintain outstanding standards-based Web sites. I show you how to create simple and effective small Web applications with Microsoft Expression Web.

Why Microsoft Expression Web?

As we all know Visual Studio come with full set of code tools that always have been part of the Visual Studio: compilers, debugger, class libraries, testing tools, etc. On the other hand, Microsoft Expression Web has different design surface with more advanced CSS and visual layout tools, Direct Style Application, imaging tools, spell checker, site management with link fix up and more. Expression Web also has better integration with other Expression family products, such as Graphics Designer.

However, Expression does not have debugger, it does not provide C#/VB code intelligence and neither it comes with build or test tools. Expression is geared towards 'designer' or a person who is primarily working on a look and feel of the site: layout, fonts, colors, styles, transitions, animations. You probably want to have both tools for make full website.

Expression Web uses new design surface that is based on former FrontPage technologies, provides much better CSS compliance and significantly better CSS layout tools. So Expression Web is easy to design website as compare to Visual Studio.

Before start we need to make sure few pieces of software properly installed in system like Microsoft Expression Web, SQL 2000 or SQL 2005...
here i am using SQL 2000

You can download a trial version of Microsoft Expression Web

You can download a free copy of Microsoft SQL Server Express from

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