Ebay Hacks: How To Create Attractive Ebay HTML Pages

Three months ago i got a project where i have to work on Ebay auction pages.My client want to increase sells through these auction pages.. lol every Ebay seller wants...
There are thousands of websites that give you free Ebay auction templates but i want to make something better, more customized, more attractive, more liquidity.After all when you have a custom auction template, it will set you apart from the competition. If your product presentation is eye catching it will sell your auction 60% more of the time.

so i studied a lot about Ebay, whats the Ebay TOS, Policies, about auctions, about stores, categories etc.. and then i find some beautiful ebay hacks.By using these ebay hacks i made more customized pages and my cleint got what he want :).

My Ebay Hacks

1.On my client Ebay auction pages i used lots of Flash like as i use in my blog header.Flash is a best tool for creating interactive animations,flash gives attractive looks and enhance the presentation of product.

2.Store Search

This hack searches products with in sellers store.I used this store search hack on each auction page because if buyers want to search more products,it searches with in clients store not in Ebay store.sellers products visibility increases.

3.Store Search With Categories

This hack searches products with in sellers store by categories.it's a buyers friendlily search hack.it searches with in sellers store categories not in Ebay store Categories.sellers products categories visibility increases.

4.Search in Categories By Price

This hack is most important. in this hack buyer search products in sellers store categories with price cool :). if buyer want to buy product in price range 100$ to 249$ or 2000 Indian Rs to Indian 4999 Rs he/she just click on

And it will show products with in price range only in sellers store categories.

5. Product Video's

By using this hack seller shows actual products and earn buyers trust.only pictures of products are not enough.

If you are a Ebay seller,you know how these hacks are important and you know after applying these hacks on Ebay auction pages it will set your auction apart from the competition and definitely increase your sells.
So Ebay sellers I know it feels like evil,but if you want me to help you to increase your ebay sells..
!!! Hire Me !!!

or i will make tutorials for each hack.when i have time... ;)

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