How To Get Best Quality From Video File

If you have ever been through the process of editing or burning video on your PC,you always want to produce your movie masterpieces in a format with the best video quality, but with a file size suitable to burn onto a CD or DVD.

When we try to compress movie file,we lost the contrast and brightness of movie.
in this tutorial i show you how to get best quality from video file when you watching your favorite movie.

1.Download the software Neuview Media Player
It's new unique Media Player it will improve Every Movie on Your hard drive and every film you watch through it from now on. read more here

What is Pixelfusion?
Pixelfusion is basically an image resampling method. There are many resampling methods already available, ranging from point sampling, to bilinear, bicubic or even windowed sinc. Pixelfusion is different to all of these in one very important aspect... read more here

2. The Main Window

3. Opening the video file

# click on open
# Either open your video file by browsing to the video file's location in the box or drag the video file on main window of software
#Tick the checkbox for adding subtitles or audio dubs or select the video file ans subtitle file and drop on main window of software

4. Settings

#Click the settings
# Adjust brightness,contrast and saturation until you get the colors which look best to you
# then select the sharpness level which looks best to you
#Digital NR is generally not needed

Note:Sharpness is what gives this player ultimate quality, but it takes practice and trial and error to achieving the right sharpness. Believe me when you see the difference between a sharpened video and unsharpened one, you will always use sharpness.

RECOMMENDED: If u set the sharpness to full, the low bitrate videos may appear distorted at the edges. But in general if u download a movie from this thread u wouldn't that effect that much.
For better understanding sharpness go to this page

5.The Simple Menu

# now move the mouse cursor to the top of the player window or click on "menu" in the above window to get this menu.
# This menu is sensitive to mouse cursor.move your mouse cursor over the various option to see further sub options

Now you can enjoy the best quality from video file

Best Settings for most movies:

Brightness : 50-60

Contrast : 85-100

Saturation : 70-80

Digital NR : 0

Sharpness : 100

Keyboard Shortcuts:

C : Pause/Play

N : Open file

M : Mute

Q : Back 2 mins

W : Forward 2 mins

P : Take Screenshot (saved as .bmp for maximum quality)

F1 to F7 : Pixelfusion Levels

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