How To Rip An Audio CD in MP3


How To Rip An Audio CD

Here i show you how to rip Audio CD in Mp3 formate using free softwareAudiograbber 1.83 1.6 MB

1. Download & Install Audiograbber
2. Insert your audio cd in your cd/dvd drive.

3. Start Audiograbber

4. Something similar to this should show up:


This steps have to be done one time only.

5. Go to Settings -> General Settings and tick Artist as Directory and Album as directory as shown on the image:

Close the General Settings dialog by pressing OK.

6. Click the MP3 Button.

7. Make your settings similar to mine (you can use a diffrent codec if Fraunhofer isnt in the list)

Close MP3 Settings by clicking OK. Now the box under MP3 should be ticked. If not repeat step 6-7.

8. Go to Settings -> FreeDB settings

9. Enter some email in the email field and close the dialog by clicking OK.

10. Make sure the MP3 box is ticked... if no repeat step 6-7, if yes... click the FreeDB button. If it is a well known CD you can retrieve the titles of the disk over FreeDB. In most cases this does work. Click FreeDB

11. Normally more than one album is found and you can choose the freedb record you want to you use. In my case FreeDB found one album (the right one) and displayed all title names:

12. Nearly done - click Grab!

As you can see.. Audiograbber started ripping.

13. When Audiograbber is finished close audiograbber and go to the directory you installed it.

You can see the folder of your ripped disk

14. Open it and get your mp3s

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