How To Download From Rapidshare With IDM At Maximun Speed

Rapidshare is one of the world’s largest file-hosting sites with millions of files stored on its servers and Internet Download Manager(IDM) is the best way to handle your downloads and increase download i show you how to Download from Rapidshare with IDM and how to set Rapidshare PREMIUM account in IDM to get Maximum downloading speed.

What you need

1.IDM - I am using version 5.12 however this guide will work for most versions
2.Preferably Mozilla Firefox (Opera and others should work too)
3.A Premium Rapidshare Account

Ok, lets start...

Step 1 Download IDM:

Once you have installed your copy you're ready to go!

Step 2 Open up IDM from the taskbar:

Step 3 Which will result in this

Step 4 The majority of this tutorial is going to be based around the Options menu so remember this part.

Step 5 Now, the first tab named "General" shows your browser integration - as you can see IDM automatically sets Mozilla and IE to be integrated after installation however if they aren't, check the boxes. The same applies if you are using Opera or another browser listed.

Step 6 You will notice that once you have successfully integrated your browser and restarted it you will come across some more options when you right click - we will come back to this later.

Step 7 In order for IDM to work with Rapidshare correctly, it is vital that you set your downloads in your premium account to "direct" Otherwise you will find yourself downloading 3kb files Wink Go to:

Next click "Premium Zone" and enter your details

Followed by:

Step 8 Now that you are correctly logged into your account select "Options".

Once on this page make sure the direct downloads box is checked

Step 9 Go back to IDM and again, click Downloads, then Options. Once there select the "Site Logins" tab,Click "New".

Step 10 Enter your Rapidshare details as follows:

Now you're ready to go, lets try it out. Find any rapidshare link highlight, right click, and select "Download with IDM" like this:

You can do this for any link you want however if you want to download multiple links at the same time there is a quicker way Wink For example, I want to download this set of links here:

It would be a bit tedious to select each link individually so you can simply highlight more than one and download like you would just one link. You will notice a second window appears too.

Notice that you need to check all the tick boxes to make sure the files are downloaded, then click "ok." This will add all the downloads to your list.

This is the end of the main tutorial however here are some further functions of IDM

Using the Scheduler in IDM

You may have noticed while using IDM the Scheduler button:

You can also set your PC to turn off after finishing a download.

You can use File in queue function. For example, say I had 20 links to download however I wanted only 4 to download at the same time I could make this work:


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