How To Enable Right Click on a Website That Disables It

Many websites disable the right click function of the mouse button which I think could be very annoying sometimes.They use Javascripts to disable the right click function.This is done so that we can’t copy images, content or any other websites stuff.
What about if we extremely in a need of the file without any profit-making and other bad intentions ? In this post i show you how to solve this problem, without having to open the source code.

First For Internet Explorer

If you use Internet Explorer 6 and 7

1.Click “Tools”->”Internet Options

2.Click the “Security” tab.
3.Click “Custom Level

4.Scroll down to the “scripting” section.

5.Set “Active Scripting” to “disable” (Active scripts are programs written in Javascript)
6.Click “Ok”. Restart your internet browser.

Note: This will disable the Javascript from being rendered by your Internet Explorer browser which would mean the right click disabled’s script in the website will not work anymore.

Second for Mozilla Firefox browser

For Mozilla Firefox browser, these are the steps which gave the same effect (maybe be vary depending on the version).

1.Go to “Tools” -> “Options

2.Click “Web Features”
3.Untick enable JavaScript

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