How To Recover Deleted Files

Have you deleted a file that you need and now you don't know how to get it back ? Using a simple, free program, you can recover those deleted files.

The first step is to make absolutely sure that it has been deleted. Open your Windows Recycle Bin and double-check. Is it in there ? If so, simply right-click on the file and choose Restore.

If you have emptied your recycle bin since deleting the file or folder you need, you still have an option, though. Restoration is a free utility that can search your computer for deleted files. Recovering them is a snap. And you don't even have to install the program - it can run from anywhere from your hard disk

Download Restoration

Step 1 After you have downloaded the file, double-click the icon

Step 2 Tit will extract itself into a folder or you can choose folder you want

Step 3 Open the folder (it will probably be called something like REST2514):

Step 4 Double-click the icon that says Restoration. You should see a screen similar to this one Now, you can slect the drive,click the Search Deleted Files button

Step 5 That will display every file on your PC that was deleted and might be on file(s) you want to recover

Once you find the file, just click on the Restore by Copying button, and you will be prompted to save the file somewhere. It's always a good idea to save the file to a different drive than the one you are recovering it from.

Save the file where you want

Note: Files removed from your recycle bin MAY NOT have the same name as when you deleted it. For instance, if I delete the file "StereoNation-IveBeenWaiting.mp3", it may appear in Restoration as "DC45456rr4.mp3".

The best way to find a file by far is to sort by deletion date. If you know that you deleted the file on that day you can find it easily.

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