How To Install Themes On Windows XP

Many people don't know how to install 3rd party themes on widows XP.Although this is an easy process I hope this guide will provide an easy method to install custom themes in XP. Here are some examples of what you can change your custom interface into...

You will need:

1.Any version of XP installed - most custom versions are already patched
2.One small file uxthemedll.

Step 1:
Download uxthemedll (218kb):

Step 2:Navigate to:


Step 3: Once there, there will be a file called:


Rename it to this:


Note: this is important because if your new theme file becomes corrupt, you can use this one as a backup

Step 4:Now copy and paste the file you downloaded in Step 1 into the same directory:


Note: At this point you may recieve warnings that you are replacing system files, this is normal and just cancel any windows trying to stop you. You may have to be an Administrator for this to work.

Step 5:Reboot and you're done, you can now install 3rd party theme files which you can find here:

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