How To Convert Youtube Videos (Flv Files) To Avi ,Mpg

Today I am going to show you how to download and convert youtube videos.Using my tutorial you will be able to download, convert all your youtube videos in AVI or in can even burn them to DVD's! also these .flv files play fine in the latest VLC player.
All you need are two simple freeware programs.

Let's get started.

Ok first, we are going to have to get a few things. These applications were all tested and are 100% clean and working.

Tools you'll need:

1. Youtube Downloader
From this software you can download all youtude videos in your hard disk in FLV format.
2.FLV to AVI Converter
From this software you will able you to convert .flv files (Flash Video) into avi and mpg files. The conversion facilitates you to play the video in various systems including the iPod.

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Also you need Codec's from your system and Adobe Flash Player.
1. K-Lite Codec Pack
2. Adobe Flash Player/Plugin or any codec that lets you play .flv files.

I am assuming most people have these codecs.

Download and install both programs.

Now we are gonna log on to youtube and find a video we want. Take a look at the screenshots.

Right click and copy the URL of the video. Now minimize your web browser and open up Youtube Downloader

Hover your mouse over the box and your link will appear in it. Then click the OK button.

Tick the drop down box and make sure you select "All Files". Make a name for the video and add a .flv extension to it.

Then click save.

If all went well, your .flv file should be where you saved it.

Next we are going to open up FLV to AVI Converter.

Click on Add Files,Select Flv file and Click open.

If you want to convert youtude flv file in AVI press AVI or you can convert flv file in MPG.
you can change the sound settings or leave the quality at "Auto". If you do the video will not convert correctly. anything under "Auto" should do fine.Once your settings are all set click the Convert button. Don't forget to choose an output folder for where you want the avi to be saved.

Play the avi file in Window media player you have and you thats it! you ca also use VLC player. As long as you have a K-Lite Codec Pack you should be fine!

If you wanna burn to DVD, simply use whatever program/software you usually use.

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