How To Integrate Serial ATA (SATA) Drivers In Windows XP

One problem found in lots of newest computers or notebooks are fitted with a SATA interface hard drive that not all recognized by Windows XP installer. It would ask the SATA driver for the hardware and you must provide it before continue to installing the rest processes.

It is because Microsoft now stopped Windows XP selling product to new computer purchasing in order to overcoming Windows Vista. Now these days, new computers or notebooks product which has the requirement hardware are now capable to use it.It will run, but slow.To make it double faster running OS, try to using Windows XP.

For example,an Acer sub-notebook are comes with 80 GB SATA hard drive.From the selling box, Acer recommended to use Windows Vista hence there are no Windows XP driver CD software included.So there will no chance to installing it with Windows XP since the installer didn’t recognized the SATA interface.

Acer website provides all of the Windows XP drivers software, including the SATA driver to support the Windows XP installation. So, how to integrating the bootable installer with the SATA driver software..?

First of all, get the SATA driver manufactured from your hardware factory website (Acer link) & download nLite

Install nlite

To create a custom Windows XP installer (note that you need .NET Framework 2.0 available from Microsoft download site before running the nLite).
Next, from nLite application, browse to the Windows XP CD installer (I’m not responsible to any legally use of Windows XP installer).

Then, press Drivers & Bootable ISO button to inserting the SATA drivers & continue to create an ISO image to burn in a CD:

Clicking on Next button, you will be prompted to inserting from the source disk of SATA drivers software.

Insert the source disk contain SATA driver files:

Finally, confirmed with YES button to continue to burning the ISO image:

After it finished, let it try to boot from this bootable CD next to your computer or notebook.

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