IPhone Will Launch In India

After a year's wait it's finally been announced: All indians will be able to walk into a local Airtel Relationship Centers and drop around 8,500 Rs or more on their news device.The price of iphone coming down has to be a temptation for those sitting by and waiting to get a new SmartPhone.The new basic iPhone 8GB model will retail for $199 (8,500 Rs) with the 16GB version coming in at $299 (12,500 Rs), but the Bharti statement didn't give details on pricing or availability. It's now got 3G WoW !!! The iPhone will be released in 22 major countries on July 11th but it will release in india till October,November.

"Soon customers will be able to purchase iPhone 3G at Airtel Relationship Centers," said Bharti Airtel, India's largest telecommunications company by subscribers.

Watch this amazing Iphone Video

This phone promises to offer the full Internet experience as well as the usual phone calls, all in the same beautifully designed package that is even smaller than the first iPhone.

The new iPhone is very similar, cosmetically, to the previous model.the main improvement is the ability to operate on faster 3G mobile networks, providing significantly faster internet access.another bonus is the inclusion of global positioning system technology, although its built-in camera is still 2 megapixels significantly inferior to many rival mobiles.

IPhone will allow users the ability to interface with Microsoft's Exchange program so that they can converge all their contacts and email.
i will defiantly buy this Smartphone when it will come :).

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