What Is Silverlight ? - Silverlight Tutorials

What Is Silverlight ? - Silverlight Tutorials

Microsoft Silverlight is a programmable web browser plugin,programming model for developing and distributing rich internet applications that use graphics, animations or video within the .NET framework.Formally known by Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere. WPF/E.
What is WPF/E ?

* WPF/E stands for Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere.
* WPF/E is directly related to XAML.
* WPF/E provides a consistent programming model for building applications and provides a clear separation between the UI and the business logic.
* WPF/E is the new graphic engine for the Windows Vista operating system,and also available for installation on Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003.
* WPF/E supports rich graphics, 2D,3D applications....

The Silverlight plug-in is both cross-browser and cross-platform for delivering the next generation of .NET 3.0 framework based rich online media content.
Silverlight applications are delivered to a browser in a text-based markup language called XAML(Extensible Application Markup Language) combination with Javascript.

Silverlight 2's biggest change from Silverlight 1.0 is the inclusion of a compact version of the .NET Framework, complete with the .NET Framework 3.0 Common Language Runtime.

Silverlight supports the display of high-definition video files,cost effective advanced streaming,high- resulation interactivity with deep zoom.

Silverlight is being taken as a competitor to Adobe's Flash.Where as Flash’s main focus is on animation, vector graphics and now videos. Silverlight can handle vector images, video’s, animations and basically anything else Flash can do.

If you just want to view Silverlight content then all you need is the Silverlight plugin. Similar to the flash plugin it’s a small file (1.4 MB) that you simply download and install to get Silverlight content working in your browser.

If you’re planning on developing applications using Silverlight then there are a few other things you will need.

1.Expression Blend 2 – This is where the Silverlight apps are made. Its a user interface design tool for creating rich graphical interfaces for web and desktop applications.

2.Expression Design 2 – Similar to photoshop this is the program you use to create your images.

3.Expression Encoder 2 -Is a Windows program for encoding digital audio and video media.

4.Expression Media 2 - For assets management as well as media encoding.

5.Visual Studio - For compiling and debugging your applications.

Or you can download all in one pack Expression Studio 2

Microsoft also offering 4gb of free Silverlight hosting, all you need is a Live Passport account (if you use virtually any Microsoft service such as Live Messenger or Hotmail you have one!).
Free Silverlight Hosting.

Expression Blend Silverlight Tutorials (Tools)

Live FM Radio Hindi Channels

Free internet live radio stations from various categories of music radio online and news worldwide.Listen to online streaming Hindi music from various countries , old songs, latest bollywood, instrumental, classical etc etc...
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Free Download Nagraj Comics

It was to remember the days gone by when me and my friends used to love to read Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruv and their friends Comics.I have fond memories of Raj comic and its super hero Nag Rag was my favorite amongst Sabu,Chacha Chudhri, billu, pinki n more.
Nagraj is the flag bearer and the most popular hero of RAJ COMICS. Nagraj is avowed to wipe out terrorism from the face of the Earth.Nagraj is the raj comics first hero.

I don’t know how many Indian children read them today.Archies and foreign superheroes seem more famous and dear to them.
In those Nagraj, Dhruv comics we could feel our india,where they had supernatural powers from divine beings but were equally settled in the business world.That's mixing Indian tradition with contemporaneity and that's what happening today.
Here is a big collection of Raj comics for download.

3. Hari Maut(nagraj)
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More Will Come Soon...
Also look at Hindi Comics Collection - 1

How To Reduce Windows Vista Boot Time

Most of the boot time of our systems depends on drivers and on the HDD speed. if we try updating all of our drivers and using defrag tools that optimize boot speed. Maybe the boot time will decrease.I found a simple tip to reduce vista boot time with Advanced Boot Option.

If you computer has a dual core processor or higher CPU , then you may try this small tip. By default Vista will use only one core of your processor when booting. So why not let it use all of your 2 or 4 cores? It's way easier than you might think! With this, what you do is that you change the number of Processors that will be used during the boot up time.It will only increase the number of processor cores which would be involved in the process.

Step One: Open msconfg.

Step Two: Go to the Boot tab and click Advanced.

Step Three: Change the number of processors to the numbers of cores in your processor.

That's all there is to it =)
To reverse the change, simply uncheck the Number of processors box.

How To Bypass Megaupload Download Limit With Firefox

When i want to download a file from Megaupload i wasn’t able to do so because of the full 100 download slots.I refreshed my browser every 5 minutes for an hour hoping to get in the download slots, but still couldn’t.I gave up, and started searching for other alternatives which is to bypass megaupload’s download slot.I made tutorial previously on How To Bypass Megaupload Download Limit.it worked of some people.
Well i find some another a hack for this.

You don't have to install that stupid toolbar nor wait for hours.if you are a Firefox user you can download as soon as you punch the link in.it will not ask u to download toolbar but directly take u to the code..

Here is a trick for Megaupload which stops the message "All download slots... assigned to your country are in use..." from appearing while downloading a file.

Only with Firefox.

-Go to address bar and type: about:config

-Search for general.useragent.extra.firefox

-Double click on it
-Change the default text with this: Firefox/3.0 MEGAUPLOAD 1.0
-Or if you are using Firefox 2 change text with this: Firefox/2.0 MEGAUPLOAD 1.0 or Firefox/2.x.x (current version) MEGAUPLOAD 1.0

-Start Downloading without any Toolbar

This is so easy and within seconds you can resume your download from Megaupload.