How To Reduce Windows Vista Boot Time

Most of the boot time of our systems depends on drivers and on the HDD speed. if we try updating all of our drivers and using defrag tools that optimize boot speed. Maybe the boot time will decrease.I found a simple tip to reduce vista boot time with Advanced Boot Option.

If you computer has a dual core processor or higher CPU , then you may try this small tip. By default Vista will use only one core of your processor when booting. So why not let it use all of your 2 or 4 cores? It's way easier than you might think! With this, what you do is that you change the number of Processors that will be used during the boot up time.It will only increase the number of processor cores which would be involved in the process.

Step One: Open msconfg.

Step Two: Go to the Boot tab and click Advanced.

Step Three: Change the number of processors to the numbers of cores in your processor.

That's all there is to it =)
To reverse the change, simply uncheck the Number of processors box.

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