Expression Blend Silverlight Tutorials (Tools)

Microsoft Expression Blend is Microsoft's user interface design tool for creating graphical interfaces for web and desktop applications that blend the features of these two types of applications.

Blend 2 Explore the limits of UI design by utilizing the best of the Web and the power of the desktop with next-generation Silverlight and WPF application.
To find the Blend 2 trial,go to the Microsoft site.

Microsoft Expression Blend is also part of the Microsoft Expression Studio.It is currently the best choice for developing Silverlight application.When exposed Microsoft Expression Blend, Silverlight’s animation support provides capabilities much like Adobe Flash.Expression Blend is specifically designed for creating XAML-based user interfaces.

Blend has a cool Design view as well as a XAML view.

Changing the size of the application.
You can zoom in or zoom out the workspace area default the work space area is set at 100,you can set it whatever you want.

Go to Tools > Options.

Set the workspace zoom whatever you want and click Ok.

Expression Blend Tools

If you are familiar with any of the popular design/development products such as Adobe’s Photoshop,Flash, and Illustrator, the Blend 2 toolbar will be nothing new to you.

The toolbar is a set of tools that allows you to create and edit user interface (UI) content that the users of your WPF/Silverlight applications.

The Selection tool
Selection tool is the tool that is used when we want to select any object or element that the user of your WPF/Silverlight applications.Selection tool allows you to select elements to change their properties, such as modifying their size or shape or changing their Opacity or color.

The Direct Selection tool
The Direct Selection tool that allows us to see and edit the different nodes that make up a custom shape known as a Path (drawn using the Pen or Pencil tool).

The Pen/Pencil tools
The Pen/Pencil tools allow us to create custom shapes or Paths in WPF/Silverlight.

The Pan tool
By using Pan tool you can move your Workspace.

The Zoom tool
Zoom tool allows you to click the Workspace to zoom in.You can also click and draw out the area you want to zoom in or zoom out.

The Camera Orbit tool
you can't find Camera Orbit tool in Photoshop or Illustrator.This tool is for manipulating the camera view of WPF 3D objects

The Eyedropper tool
Tool for selecting colors.The Eyedropper tool will select any color that is directly below it.

The Paint Bucket tool
The Paint Bucket tool is just like the Paint Bucket tool in Flash and Photoshop.You can select this tool and click an object to fill “paint” your selected color onto that object.

The Brush Transform tool
This tool allows you to manipulate an object’s gradient.

The shape tools: Rectangle, Ellipse, and Line.
This tool is used to draw Rectangle, Ellipse, and Line on your workspace.

Layout controls
There are nine layout controls: the Grid, the Canvas, the StackPanel, the
WrapPanel, the DockPanel, the ScrollViewer, the Border, the UniformGrid, and finally the Viewbox.

Text controls
These are controls that allow you to add text to your applications as well as
text input controls such as a TextBox.

Input controls (Button control)
These they allow your application to interact with the user.the most common of these input controls is the Button control.

The Asset Library
This is a collection of every control available to you in WPF/Silverlight.

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