How To Make Good Quality 700 MB DVD Rip

In this tutorial i show you how to back up the DVDs by making Smaller DVD rips in 700 MB CD with good quality by using Freeware software's,DVD Decrypter and AutoGK.

Step One- DVD Decrypter
1) Download DVD Decrypter Download
2) Install the application by running the Setup.
3) Run DVD Dectypter.
4) Insert your DVD and wait a few seconds (so DVD Decryptor can load the dvd).
5) From here you have a few options:

We will use DVD Dycripter to rip a DVD 5 or DVD 9 in a single VOB File.

In the Main window change the MOD to IFO.

Now go to Settings, and do the followings,

In TAB File Mode Set option File Splitting to None.

Move to next TAB, IFO MODE , and set the option File Splitting to None.

This will allow you to receive one single large VOB file.

If you want to, change the destination, we will assume in this guide you haven't changed it from "C:/MOVIENAME/VIDEO_TS".It will start Coping Data to your HDD, usually with good DVD media it takes around 10 mins.

Now Browse from the Input Box to select the file which you just have copied using DVD Dypripter…

Step Two- AutoGK
1) Download AutoGK.
2) Install the app by running the installer.
3) Run AutoGK.
3) Select an Input File.From file in the directory you save the files to in DVD Decryptor.

Advance TAB, Select Codec as xvid and Resolution to auto Width and Audio Type to VBR MP3 128kbps !!!!

Select an Output Size. For this guide we will go with Preferred Size: 1 Disc (700mb)
If you choose 2 disc or 3 disc options, it will split the movie into that many parts. Instead, you can choose a preferred Size. If you choose the exact value of the 2 or 3 disc options it will spit it anyway.
Choose custom size and add an extra 2 or 300 mb to get that extra quality,For Good quality which you want to view in 19″ Screens I would say Select 2 CD but i don't think it is needed however 700 MB too will just work out fine too..

Click on Add Job,Click Start.

This process will take a long time (Depends on your Computer Speed). It is best to leave it overnight. There isn't relay that clear a way to see how far through it is overall. Just leave it overnight.
Disclaimer: Do NOT use this guide to rip commercial DVD's or any DVD with copywrite protection

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