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The US Surgeon General has stated, "Smoking cessation (stopping smoking) represents the single most important step that smokers can take to enhance the length and quality of their lives."

Quitting smoking is not easy, but you can do it. To have the best chance of quitting successfully, you need to know what you’re up against, what your options are, and where to go for help.
If you smoke, we recommend that you definitely read this article! This article will tell you everything that you need to know about quitting smoking. Even if you are not really keen on quitting and are not sure why you should quit, we still recommend that you read this article just for the fun of it!

If you know anyone who smokes, we recommend that you read this article and tell them about it or direct them to read this article too.

This article too is written in a very practical and realistic way. We are NOT going to give you sappy “tips”! We shall explain to you things that will help you understand what you are trying to accomplish so that accomplishing you goal of quitting smoking is possible.

Now, firstly, just incase you think that you do not want to quit smoking, let us tell you a little about what kind of effect smoking has…

The bad effects of smoking!
Want to become old much faster? - Then smoke!
You see, as you become old naturally, your arteries that carry the blood all around your body become “hard” and “narrow”. Because of this, blood starts to clot in them and there will be blockages caused in your arteries, which leads to all sorts of different problems.
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What People Said About Smoking...

It is hard giving up, I'm a ex smoker and every time I've quit I've just gone back to them, stress etc I just make excuses to go back on them! I wasn't a heavy smoker, although I did have times where I could go through about 15 a day! You don't feel good when you smoke, what made me quit was my girl, she was like to choose either her or the ~censored~ and she was being serious, she was ready to leave me if I didn't stop! and I've been with her for nearly 2years, I wasn't going to jeopadise the relationship, and it did work, I gave up and have never felt better! 1st week is hard but gotta get on with it! Everytime I crave a ~censored~ I just chew on gum or have a green tea or something.

It is hard, but you won't regret giving up, you'll notice the difference of how you feel very quickly by stopping smoking!

Good luck to those who are try na stop, if you do smoke GIVE UP before it gives in to u!

Hayward, CA
I once heard somebody say "If you start smoking, you will remain a smoker for the rest of your life. If you stop smoking, you're just a smoker who isn't smoking at the moment".

UK, London
My doctor told me to continue smoking, believe it or not. i suffer with severe anxiety and if i dont smoke i go a bit mental.. last time i tried to go cold turkey i almost ended up harming myself. couldnt get thoughts out of my head.. it was as if reality was having a stab at me.

i know it probably sounds a bit odd. but ive had family die all over the place to smoking. and i would love nothing more than to just give up, but it really isnt that easy Seeing all the bad things it does to you above doesnt even scratch the surface of my problems.

smoking makes me feel relaxed. i know its having the opposite effect on my heart however. I feel as if my heart is slowing down as i relax. fact is it speeds up, however when you have severe anxiety, a Stimulant is always needed. ive been on just about every drug on the market and nothing worked. smoking makes me feel better. i occasionally get pains around my chest. hell i even have trouble with breathing sometimes. one minute im fine next minute im hyperventilating,

still not sure what sets this off but still. not much i can do about it at this point. i once gave up for a week in total. then i lost my head completely couldn't control my actions or what i was saying. i said some really bad stuff as well. just couldn't seem to stop talking. it was as if being without nicotine was a drug in itself. if this was a comedown effect from lack of nicotine. then why strike a week later? makes no sense at all. also ive been on all nicotine replacement therapy treatments there is. i've also been on "Champix" which is that new drug out on the market which was supposed to stop people full stop.

i was doing alright with that drug at first. Champix is unlike any other drug out there. you can smoke all you want when on it. however after a while it makes the nicotine taste like crap.. and i'm serious about that its got a really nasty taste on it. god know's how it works the stuff is really good though.

But.. The doctor told me to stop taking it because i was getting alot of Palpitations. i was a test subject somewhat. i'm 24 years old and i was one of the first people my age in the uk to test it on a trial run. they warned me about the side effects.. but i demanded it anyway. i really wanted to give up badly at that point.

So i took it. Was alright for a couple of days, the more i smoked the less i wanted one .. the Drug is a miracle it really is. and yes i'm talking about "Champix" not Nicotine. Anyways basically i took it for a while everything was going smooth, then i had some really bad attacks, and the palpitations i got were extreme. so they hammered that on the head and took it away from me.

i waited 2 years for that to come over to the uk. and as soon as it was out my body rejected it. i've tried just about everything including the meditation that was listed. hell i've even used a dam brainwave generator. that's how bad i want to give up. also i've tried smoking herbal tobacco, that tasted like burnt leaves.. smelt like it to real nasty.

Sacramento Ca. USA
On a bet I quit for a year. After winning the bet my wife gave me a carton of cigarettes and told me either I started smoking again or she was gone. Seems she didn`t like the person I had become as a non-smoker, she had never smoked a cigarettes in her life and still doesn`t. Now I have tried to stop four times in the last six years and like it said if you ever have just one after you quit you`re hooked again. It`s been eight months now without one and I want one every day and dream about smoking at night.
My brother quit thirty YEARS ago and he tells me he still wants one.

So what you think ????
I hate Smoking b'coz it killed one of my close uncle.

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