Secret And Hidden Pages In Firefox Browser

Secret And Hidden Pages In Firefox Browser

Here are some of the secret pages hidden inside the Firefox browser.

Type these bold words into your address bar to see these secret pages of Firefox!!


This shows the Firefox logo, version information and other related stuffs. This can be seen from the "Help --> About" menu item also !!


This shows the build related configurations and other related information.


This shows the license related information, i.e., "Mozilla Public License"


This page shows the images and other files stored in you cache memory.


This page shows the plugins installed in your Firefox browser, like flash player, adobe acrobat PDF reader etc…


This page shows a lot of settings which you can change if you want… But don’t change it if you don’t know what you are doing!!


This page shows the credits to the people who created it!!!



How To Make Good Quality 300 Mb Movies

Normally DvDrip movies are around 700MB in file size, even though it has been compressed using the XviD codec while maintaining a reasonable video and audio quality.It even make a very large space in your hard disk to i made tutorial to convert 700 Mb movies into good quality 300 Mb movies.

In this tutorial I'm going to explain how to use MeGUI to encode movies.
First your going to need a good source for your movie your wanting to encode,
Anything in the 700Mb xViD encoded range should be good...

# First your going to need MeGUI

What Is MeGUI ?
A useful and one of the most comprehensive GUI based ISO MPEG-4 solution

MeGUI is a useful and one of the most comprehensive GUI based ISO MPEG-4 solution.

It suports MPEG-4 ASP (XviD & libavcodec MPEG-4) using mencoder, MPEG-4 AVC (x264) using x264.exe or mencoder, (HE)AAC audio using BeSweet & Nero AAC encoder and MP4 muxing using mp4box.

After downloading and install, allow the program to update to the latest version.

This is most up to date stable version.Install MeGUI run it and get it fully updated.

# Then your going to need to download AviSynth,

What Is AviSynth?
AviSynth was designed to be a very very powerful tool for video post-production. It provides almost unlimited ways of editing and processing videos. AviSynth works as a frameserver, providing instant and very fast editing without the need for temporary files.
This is the latest stable releaseInstall AviSynth.
How_ To_Make_Good_Quality_300mb_Movies
# Then your going to need Nero AAC (Audio Codec) its excellent for compression.
What Is Nero AAC (Audio Codec)?
Nero AAC reference quality MPEG-4 and 3GPP audio codec

* Compression ratios ranging from Ultra High (58 CDs fit on one!) to High-End Audio (2.5:1), for absolutely perfect audiophile encodings
* Crystal-clear, award-winning sound quality at every compression ratio and bit rate!
* Support for embedded album art including covers, booklets, and lyrics
* Store an entire audio album in a single .mp4 file with all the features of an Audio CD embedded inside, but at a fraction of the space!
* Reference quality MPEG-4 audio codec
* Fully compatible with the latest version of the state-of-the-art MPEG-4 audio standard (LC-AAC, HE-AAC and HE-AAC v2)

# Install Nero ACC executable files in the MeGUI folder which is;

C://Program files/meGUI.

# Restart your PC

Start up MeGUI once its loaded press "CTRL+R", That will open "AVISynth Script Creator"
How_ To_Make_Good_Quality_300mb_Movies
1. Select the source movie you want to encode.
2. Make sure "Resize" Is UNTICKED.
3. Click save and save the script.

How_ To_Make_Good_Quality_300mb_Movies
1. The AVS file you just made should already be selected if not then select it.
2. If the OUTPUT of the encoded file isn't pre defined define it now.
3. Make sure the Codec is set at "x264"
4. Make sure "MKV" is selected as the file container.
5. Select the original video source as the audio input.
6. If the audio output isn't yet defined define it now.
7. Select "NAAC" in Encoding Settings the audio profile it provides perfect compression to bitrate ratio.
8. Select "MP4-AAC" as the audio extension.
9.Click AutoEncode.

How_ To_Make_Good_Quality_300mb_Movies
1. Select the container as "MKV"
2. Define your desired output of the encoded movie
3. Make sure the file size radio button is selected, And define the file size as 300MB or 400MB depending on the length of the movie (Try to get the bitrate at 450ish)
4. Select "Queue"

How_ To_Make_Good_Quality_300mb_Movies
5. Go to the Queue tab once your back on the main MeGUI page and select "Start" down the bottom.Only problem is for old computers as it will take about 3 hours.