How To Add Subtitles In Movies

I already made tutorials How To Burn Subtitles Into AVI Files,Adding Subtitles To DivX Movie and How To Add Subtitles To Your Movies for adding subtitles in movies, here i show you in another tutorial how to add subtitles in movies in very easy way using Freeware Software called AVI ReComp.

Step 1 Get your movie.

Step 2 Get your subtitle file following are a few sites to get subtitles from

Step 3 Get the freeware app (AVI ReComp) for adding subtitle's into movies.

About AVI ReComp
AVI ReComp is an application that allows you to recompress your AVI files. AVI ReComp supports not only files containing audio streams but AVIs without any audio as well. For the time being the program uses only XviD codec for the recompression process (versions: 1.0.3 or newer).

The installation pack contains all required components (the newest versions of: VirtualDubMod, AviSynth and XviD). AVI ReComp can be very useful for users who want to clear their AVIs out of GMC or Qpel functions to prepare their clips for standalone DVD players.

AVI ReComp contains the feature of embedding subtitles into video. So if you want burnt in subtitles, you can use this software. Additionally the newest versions allow you to add black borders to your movie and place your subtitles on them. You can also adjust all settings for ssa and ass subtitles (style, colour, position).
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Download AVI ReComp

Step 4 After installing AviRecomp on the computer, start it from the Start menu. The main window of the application looks like this.

How To Add Subtitles In Movies

Step 5
1. In the “Source Output” tab,
2. Click the “Open AVI” button and select the AVI file you want to merge the subtitles with.
3. Then click the “Save AVI” button and select a folder where you want to store the output file.
4. Finally, select the size of the output file(if you don’t want to recompress/resize, specify the same size as that of the original file - this will be faster) in “New AVI Size” drop-down box.

How To Add Subtitles In Movies

Step 6 # Go to the next tab by clicking on “Additions” button and check the “Enable/Disable” checkbox in the “Subtitles” panel. Then click the “Load Subtitles” button and select the subtitle file that you have downloaded from the Internet.

How To Add Subtitles In Movies

Step 7 In the “Settings” tab, you can specify various settings such as the priority with which AviRecomp should be run, if the temporary files or the source file should be deleted at the end etc.

How To Add Subtitles In Movies

Go to the last tab by clicking the “Queue” button and click the button “Add to Queue” to add this job the to queue. The above steps can now be repeated with more AVI files and added to the queue if multiple merge operations are needed to be performed.
When ready, click the “Start” button to start the merge process. The status will change from “Waiting…” to “Running…” state as a result.

How To Add Subtitles In Movies

Step 8 After the merge process is finished, go to the folder where the output file is created and play the file. The subtitles should now be added into the file.

AviRecomp can be used for purposes other than mere subtitle merging. It also allows to change resolution,cropping or resizing.Adding black borders to the movie and place the subtitles on them. It also installs many other useful video related software like VirtualDub, AviSynth, VobSub etc, that it uses for doing its own job. AviRecomp is a very useful Free software to have on one’s computer.

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