How To Update Your iPod Touch 2.1 Free

Update Your iPod Touch To 2.1 Free
Update Your iPod Touch To 2.1 Free

1.You need to plug your ipod in your computer, then update your ipod to 2.0.

You need to download the 2.0 firmware.
a) Go to the link given below.
b) Select "iPod Touch".
c) Then in the drop down menu select.

iPod2.1 (2.0.2/5C1)

Update Your iPod Touch To 2.1 Free
d) Press Download.

2.After you have downloaded the firmware,open up itunes (you need 7.7 or higher). When itunes is up go to your ipod section of itunes.

3.Hold shift and press the "restore" button, a dialog box should pop up. When the dialog box is up, browse to your folder that you placed iPod1_1_2.0_5A347_Restore. When you found it. Click on it.

4.Now it should start restoring.

5.When the restoring is done. You should be able to click "update" and it will automatically download the 2.1 firmware. When the download is done it will auto update to 2.1.

6.Congratulations you have now updated to 2.1 firmware !!

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