Micrsoft Is Evil ?

While giving a lecture in Hungary Microsoft Boss Steve Ballmer gets egged by an angry person (later identified as an IT student) upset over the fact that Microsoft charges public universities to user their software.

All of a sudden this guy wearing a shirt with ‘Microsoft = Corruption’ painted on it,stands up and in broken English says something like " you took (x amount) of money from the hungarian public... give it back NOW...!". He proceeds to throw eggs at ballmer. Steve Ballmer then ducked for cover behind the desk at the front of the lecture theater.

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates was once attacked by two members of Belgium’s notorious or pie throwers who mashed four fresh cream tarts into his face..
Quite funny..

I heard USA corporations are evil.The USA economy is based on profit where profit is more important than people's well being but point is that it make them on TOP. Microsoft is a big corporation that monopolizes the whole computer business specially in OS.No one can compete with Microsoft in the OS sector,as same Apple trying to diverse their products. eg iPod ,iPhone etc...

The point here is HOW Microsoft have evolved to dominate the OS market. Its because of the so called 'sinister' acts that Microsoft have control of over 90% of the OS market. Granted, they were the first company to really push desktops into business and home environments but at the same time monopolized every other competitor.

Fact is that every company has a right to earn money, Its not that only Microsoft is killing millions of people to do so which is what exactly the weapon manufacturers do.

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