Shri Ram Sena Realy Preserving Indian Culture ??

Shri Ram Sena Realy Preserving Indian Culture ??

In our country everybody has a right guaranteed by constitution to express their views. Here i am expressing my views on what happen Mangalore pub, Around 15 to 20 Sri Ram Sena activists had assaulted boys and girls in the pub, The Sri Ram Sena, like the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, often takes justice into its own hands and prosecutes people according to its own cultural and religious beliefs.

Shri Ram Sena has made its intentions clear and issued a fatwa in lines of taliban. No valentine day this time saying valentine day is not our culture.

Then whats our Indian culture..??

According to the official statistics, one woman is molested in every 10 minutes. Rape cases in India jump 800% since 1980. A month ago a 24 year old MBA student was kidnapped and allegedly raped in noida.A nun was burnt alive and another was allegedly dragged and raped by a group of Hindu fundamentalists in Orissa. Why they don’t protest against those rapist and Sexual harassment.

In India many women ends life due to dowry harassment one incident took place in Manikpur village of Mau district Uttar Pradesh a man shaved his wife's head and made her parade through a village because of dowry why they don’t protest against those people??

According to a recent report by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) estimates that 10 million girls are "missing" from India's population over the past two decades because of sex selection abortions. Male children are especially desired because of Hindu culture beliefs requiring a son to perform the last rites in order for his father to attain moksha, or salvation. What a great Hindu custom.
Dowries has become such a burden that many families are desperate to avoid having girls. Why they don’t protest against this custom??

What about thousands of people dying in hospitals DAILY ?? And many just because they don’t have a single penny to eat also?? Why they don’t do something for them?

What about thousands of them begging out on roads? Many of those women I am sure are being exploited?? Why they don’t do something for them?

Hindu custom in which the widow was burnt to death on her husband’s pyre, a woman was considered pure if she committed Sati. Sati pratha was banned in 1829 but till now in some ruler areas women are forced to being Sati. What a great Hindu custom. Why they don’t protest.

Many old people being chucked out of their families have no support.Why they don’t do something for them?

Why are these issues neglected? Is humanity not in what you all claims INDIAN CULTURE?

The Ram Seen goons have not raised their voices against daily crimes against women but are suddenly in the mood to mob people on Valentine’s Day. Why?

The whole drama is to get the cheap publicity. The reality is that they are getting free press. They were not even on the political map before this. Nobody is there for them working for preserving Indian Culture.

Do you wanna protest against Sri Ram Sena join Pink Chaddi Campaign. A Delhi-based journalist working with Tehelka, Nisha Susan, initiated The Pink Chaddi Campaign to revolt against what happen in Mangalore pub last month and the number of members has touched 34,000 and still counting . Nisha appeals to men and women across the world to stand up against Sri Ram Sena and its chief Pramod Muthalik. Join NOW...
How To Get Rid Of  Registry Errors

How To Get Rid Of Registry Errors

The registry is one of the most essential parts of the Windows operating system because it comprises all configuration information related to hardware and software on your PC. The registry also controls the appearance of your computer based on the currently logged on user. This configuration information is stored in the registry in the form of keys, subkeys and their values.

A key can have zero or more values. These keys and subkeys are arranged in a hierarchal, tree-like structure, and the arrangement looks a lot like the folder structure you view in Windows Explorer. At the root of the registry tree are five root keys—HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, HKEY-CURRENT_USER, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, HKEY_USERS, and HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG. Each of these root keys has its own subtree and each subtree comprises its own set of keys and subkeys.

To view the registry tree, open the Start menu, select Run, type regedit and then press Enter.

Registry errors can occur due to the accumulation of several unwanted entries within it that can cause registry bloating. Some of the most common causes of these unwanted entries are listed below.

1. Entries are added to the registry when you install new software on your computer. Ideally, these entries should be removed when you uninstall the software. However, quite often this does not happen and several orphan and empty registry entries are left behind.

2. When your computer is operational the registry is loaded to the system memory. When you shutdown the system, any changes made to the registry are written to the hard disk. Now, if your system crashes suddenly, it fails to update the registry on the hard disk. As a result, this may corrupt the registry entries that were modified before the crash and generate errors.

3. Registry errors are likely to occur if your system is infected with a virus or spyware. These programs are known to add irremovable entries in the registry and also alter existing registry entries to generate different types of computer errors, such as runtime errors and rundll errors.

Most of the time registry problems are not visible until the situation becomes too grim and you are forced to reinstall your system to get rid of all the issues. To avoid this situation and to maintain a healthy registry, it is essential that you regularly scan and clean your registry. Although you can use the Registry Editor tool to perform some amount of registry maintenance, it is not an easy task. This is because the registry has a very complex structure and the Registry Editor does not allow you to undo any changes. So, if you make a mistake, you may end with more problems than before.

According to many Windows experts and computer experts, a good way to maintain the Windows registry and fix registry errors is to use a dependable and efficient registry cleaner tool. Registry cleaners are safe to use and help you fix registry errors in just a few mouse clicks. A good registry cleaner makes a backup of the registry before making any changes. This way if anything goes wrong, you can easily revert your changes. Registry cleaners help you perform a thorough and deep scan of the registry to weed out any malicious entries added by virus and spyware programs. They also help in repairing any registry entries that are damaged due to system or program crashes and malware infections.
4GB of RAM Only Showing As 3GB?

4GB of RAM Only Showing As 3GB?

I recently installed 2 sticks of 2GB RAM, totaling 4GB in my laptop, however it only shows as 3GB in the windows system information box that you get when you open the system properties in my computer. When i check the bios at startup, it showed that I have 4 thousand and something MB of RAM, which would be 4GB, so i'm wondering why this is.