Configuring PHP To use MySQL

I've been trying to configure the Server's PHP to make it run MySQL. I use XAMPP on my computer but the server.. is a server and i don't think XAMPP will work for a server ( or will supply our needs ). PHP Works, MySQL Works ( try to connect to localhost is sucessful ) but PHP Can't just find MySQL or something

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect()

This shows up wherever we open up a .php file with the mysql_connect command to connect to the MySQL.
XAMPP Works just perfect at my PC, i'm able to connect to MySQL through it, but we need to connect to the server sometimes to share/save files and other reasons, specially testing offline websites, that two persons can see the same site at the same time without sending it to the net.
I've tried to swap the php.ini from the XAMPP to the server, but it only made it worse.

So i'm asking for help on that. Admins might have the answer for that, since as far i know some also programs W-BB, wich is PHP. Users who work with PHP is good help too

I'll attach the PHP.INI, but it's too huge ( Line count 1313, size 46KB ) and maybe nobody will read it but.. who knows..

P.S.: I'm using Remote Desktop to connect to the server, but i dont think that might affect something

We're using Microsoft Server 2003 Small Business Edition, With a Athlon 64 3200+ 2.21GHz and 1GB RAM.

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