Free Unlimited Backup Space Websites

I am looking for a large amount of free backup space, more preferably unlimited backup space. I know websites like can have files uploaded to them, but I am looking to upload tons of pictures,docs

, songs, etc in "folders". I have all of these backed up in a local area, but I would like to have something like mediafire for folders of files rather than having to single files at a time. Also, it should be free, which is kind of hard to find.


You cant find free unlimited storage space. You can try to cheat the system by creating multiple free user accounts but then you risk everything being deleted for abusing it. If you are to use a public free site for uploading warez you must password it else it will be deleted. they do look through your files nothing is private, also the thing with some free hosting sites is they hate password files but either way you cant let em know its warez what you are upping. if its your personal pictures then no one gives a ~love~ about them unless they are nudes? I dunno.

Well lets see you can use Rapidshare, Megaupload, Mediafire, Sendspace, Megashares, Adrive, all offer free accounts and what they allow you to upload is limited they all vary in sizes but its the best you can get for free. You know. Megashares is probably the way to go since you can upload like 8GBs or more at a time which is pretty nice if you have fast internet.

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