Hardisk Not Detected

My hdd seems to be dead.just want to confirm is it hdd or mainboard problem?
yesterday when go back to my pc it's already at post screen showing hdd not detected by cmos.

I can heard a tick tick sound about every 2 seconds around the hdd area.it sounds like something wanted to start but fail to start.

i have 2 hdd they all not detected.somehow i get it to work by detached one drive.
the working hdd doesn't have the tick tick sound

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27.5.09 delete

sounds lick a hard drive failure


sometimes freezing the drive will allow access to recover data

put it into the freezer for a few hours or overnight, put it in a plastic bag to keep moisture from freezing on it
take it out and fire it up and be ready to copy your stuff when you do, it may only work for a short period of time

recovered a dropped laptop drive this way and it still works 2 years later
my theory: the head pivot arm got jammed and freezing it "shrunk" the metal to allow it to move again
and I've had some that needed more than one "freezing" to get all the data off of it
I'm 3 out of 6 with this method over the last 2 years.