How To Connect PC And Antenna For Clear Signals

A)How can you make a connection between the PC and the antenna? I mean lets say that i do get the antenna, how can it communicate with the PC and send/receive packets?

B)How did you create this reflector and where do you place it?

C)What does a wireless repeater do, and is it a good option as well.

D)Can you connect to more than one wireless network the same time?

E)Can you create an access point with just the adapter or do you always need the modem/router in order to set the AP?

F)And last but certainly not least, what are the known health hazards with living on an environments with radio frequencies being broadcasted all over the place?

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A) It's a wifi hub+external antenna port. The alfa AWUS36 or something. connects through USB

B) Here's the template:

C) it basically pics up your wifi signal and broadcasts it again, giving you better range

D) You can if you have 2 wireless network cards. I've done it a couple of times to set up my own malicious network but that's a different story

E)You can, but it's tough. Just get a Linksys W54G or something similar

F) I believe the US law states a maximum output power of 500 mW. The Dutch law is 100 mW for the record. Just in case, I wouldn't set that thing next to your balls or anything. I nicknamed my antenna the "Wand of Impotence"
On a more serious note, research has found that the radiation you receive from calling 20 minutes on a cell phone equals the radiation you get from an access point in your house in a year.

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Go to I made a wireless antenna out of a strainer and a usb device. works great

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