IP Banned From An Online Game

IP Banned From An Online Game

I was banned from a game called There.com a few months ago, and I would like to get back. The problem is;

- I can't visit their website


It loads for about 2 minutes, then gives me "Connection timed out" etc.

- I have tried IP Spoofer, to open the game client and login, but it also does not work because the game client connects to the website first to be able to login.

- I have also tried a MAC Spoofer. This worked several times until I was banned and unable to view their website.

- I did try a web proxy, and this allowed me to view their website, but I cannot use a web proxy when I launch the game client; and the game client visits the website first before I can play. So basically you must login first to play the game, but the login section is located on a website (the website I am unable to visit)

My computers are all connected to routers, and all 3 computers cannot visit that site either. I believe my IP address is static because it has stayed the same for years.

I don't know if there is any other way to get around this, I'm thinking it is because my IP is static,

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