Limited or No Connectivity Wireless Connection Problem

My wifi was working fine this whole week, then I my computer always starts up with TOR, and I was trying to fix it so it connects to the network

and somehow today magically it decides to connect so im like ahh sweet this is badass.

Next thing I know I had to go somewhere and turned off my computer. I come back and TOR doesn't work and neither does my wifi signal.

First disable TOR. Then see if you can get to the wireless router configuration page. If you can't, then reset the router. This can be done by unplugging it from power and plugging it back in. Wait a couple minutes for it to boot up and try again.

If you still can't connect, go to the router and plug your computer into the router directly with an Ethernet cable. You have to disable your wireless connection in order to use the wired connection properly without doing tricky things. Try going to the configuration page.

If you still can't access it then the TCP/IP settings could be wrong on your laptop. Try setting your IP address to one in the range of the router. For example if your router's config page is this:

Then try an IP address of:

With a subnet mask of:

If it still doesn't work, try resetting the router to its default settings. This is usually done by holding the reset button in the back of the router for up to a minute. Then you should be able to access the router config page. If you have to reset the router's settings, you will need to set the settings that you had before (all wireless settings, any port forwarding, custom router IP address, WAN username and password, router password, etc.)

Once you get into the router configuration, double-check the wireless settings. Make sure that they are the same on your computer. Then unplug the cable and try connecting wireless. Disable all security settings and try again if it still won't work. Once you get it working, enable the security settings one at a time.

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Try using Windows Zero Connection thing. It usually happens to me

27.5.09 delete

An easy way to trouble shoot this is to go:
Run > CMD > then type "tracert" (no quotes)

That will basically tell you if you're wireless card is working.
If it is then it will tell you if you're router is connecting to the net.

So basically you can see if you need to restart ur router or its a wireless card issue.