WordPress and other questions

1.How do I use this theme I just downloaded from this template and script section
Answer: You need to upload the theme to the appropriate folder on your wordpress install.

2.If I need to use a FTP Client which one is the best to use?
Answer: You Need to use FTP, unless you're willing to upload more than 100 files by hand =P The one I use is FileZilla, its quite popular, and really good. Its also free

3. If I download a script how do i use it? (any script in the Temp&Script Section)
Answer: You need to upload the script to a hoster, and configure it, the readme should tell you how to configure it. (Usually edit the config.php or config.inc.php file. Or it has an installer that you access online)

4. What is the best webhost?
Answer: That is unanswerable. You can have webhosts that cost 100's of dollars a month (dedicated servers) and you can have cheap 1&1 plans for 10 bucks a month. There are also many Free webhosts out there, some are good, many are not.

5. If I download a FTP can I "multi-upload" to that webhost?
Answer: If by that, you mean if you get a webhost which has FTP, then yes, you can multi-upload to that host. It can be 10 files, or 1,000 files. As long as you have free space, you can upload all the files you want at once.

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