Best Software For Making Drum, Bass, Synthesizer Beats

Just had an urge to see if i could make some Dance and Rave music, without big expensive machines and all that stuff.

Virtual DJ, Fruity Loop, Ableton are good bits software for making Drum, bass, synthesizer beats.

I got Virtual DJ earlier, and have been playing around with that. Would like to make my own beats and stuff though.

Fruity Loop would be the best idea if you are a bit of a novice with the tech, but if you are slightly informed with the type of programs, you can't go wrong with Reason 4, or even Ableton if your running a Mac. Both have a wicked selection of samples for any of your tastes. Having a Keyboard linked with Ableton is hugely helpful, whereas Reason 4 doesn't require as much use for a Keyboard.

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