How To Make Recovery Disks for HP Pavilion Laptop

How To Make Recovery Disks for HP Pavilion Laptop

Recently my friend purchased a new HP pavilion laptop which had it's widows vista previously installed on it, on a recovery partition of the hard drive.

The company preferred to create optical recovery disks to deal with serious system failure in case if it happened, I did that, but after that a restriction against creating another set of recovery disks appeared.

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This works for ONLY those legit HP owners who own an HP laptop and burned one set of recovery DVD's. After the first set has been ccreated you are not allowed by the HP utility to create another set.

This information is strictly for legitimate HP owners who have purchased a laptop with an OEM version of VISTA/XP and have lost or ruined their original recovery discs.

Set the folder options to allow viewing of hidden files and folders and show known file extensions.

Search for the following file: hpcd.sys

There will be 2 copies,1 in C:\WINDOWS\SMINST and 1 in E:\

Delete both copies of the hpcd.sys files.

Run the HP recovery disk creation utility.