How To Create Secure Wireless Network With Password

How To create a secure wireless network with password access?

1. login to your router (; name if you haven't changed anything is admin, password is admin

2.Last setting on the bottom:

3. Type in a key that includes caps, lowercase, and numbers - preferably not dictionary words; remember this as you will need the phrase to login wirelessly. Click save. Depending on your OS that you are using, you put the phrase in when either connecting to your network, or in the connection properties. If you need help on this side, we need to know what operating system you are using - XP,Vista, 7, linux (if so brand and version).

4.You can also use MAC filtering to only allow known MACs through. Your MAC number for your laptop or desktop can be found by opening a cmd window and running the command (no quotes) "ipconfig /all"

5. you will see 00:00:00:00 form number/letters with your wireless card description somewhere in the listing; throw that number in the list to limit access to the router to those with the password phrase and with a machine id that is on your list.

6. Make sure to change the login name for the router to something other than admin, and change the password.

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