nVidia's GT300 Specifications

nVidia's GT300 Specifications

Over the past six months, we heard different bits'n'pieces of information when it comes to GT300, nVidia's next-gen part. We decided to stay silent until we have information confirmed from multiple sources,

and now we feel more confident to disclose what is cooking in Santa Clara, India, China and other nV sites around the world.


GT300 isn't the architecture that was envisioned by nVidia's Chief Architect, former Stanford professor Bill Dally

, but this architecture will give you a pretty good idea why Bill told Intel to take a hike when the larger chip giant from Santa Clara offered him a job on the Larrabee project.

Thanks to Hardware-Infos

, we managed to complete the puzzle what nVidia plans to bring to market in couple of months from now.

What is GT300?

Even though it shares the same first two letters with GT200 architecture [GeForce Tesla], GT300 is the first truly new architecture since SIMD [Single-Instruction Multiple Data]


units first appeared in graphical processors.

GT300 architecture groups processing cores in sets of 32 - up from 24 in GT200 architecture. But the difference between the two is that GT300 parts ways with the SIMD architecture that dominate the GPU architecture of today. GT300 Cores rely on MIMD-similar functions [Multiple-Instruction Multiple Data]

- all the units work in MPMD mode, executing simple and complex shader and computing operations on-the-go. We're not exactly sure should we continue to use the word "shader processor" or "shader core" as these units are now almost on equal terms as FPUs inside latest AMD and Intel CPUs.

GT300 itself packs 16 groups with 32 cores - yes, we're talking about 512 cores for the high-end part. This number itself raises the computing power of GT300 by more than 2x when compared to the GT200 core. Before the chip tapes-out, there is no way anybody can predict working clocks, but if the clocks remain the same as on GT200, we would have over double the amount of computing power.
If for instance, nVidia gets a 2 GHz clock for the 512 MIMD cores, we are talking about no less than 3TFLOPS with Single-Precision. Dual precision is highly-dependant on how efficient the MIMD-like units will be, but you can count on 6-15x improvement over GT200.

This is not the only change - cluster organization is no longer static. The Scratch Cache is much more granular and allows for larger interactivity between the cores inside the cluster. GPGPU e.g. GPU Computing applications should really benefit from this architectural choice. When it comes to gaming, the question is obviously - how good can GT300 be? Please do bear in mind that this 32-core cluster will be used in next-generation Tegra, Tesla, GeForce and Quadro cards.

This architectural change should result in dramatic increase in Dual-Precision performance, and if GT300 packs enough registers - performance of both Single-Precision and Dual-Precision data might surprise all the players in the industry. Given the timeline when nVidia begun work on GT300, it looks to us like GT200 architecture was a test for real things coming in 2009.

Just like the CPU, GT300 gives direct hardware access [HAL] for CUDA 3.0, DirectX 11, OpenGL 3.1 and OpenCL. You can also do direct programming on the GPU, but we're not exactly sure would development of such a solution that be financially feasible. But the point in question is that now you can do it. It looks like Tim Sweeney's prophecy is slowly, but certainly - coming to life.


How To Delete "Windows" Folder

How To Delete "Windows" Folder

I have two partitions and installed "vista" on both partitions, now i want to remove vista from one partitions.

But problem is that windows applied security settings on many files including in that folder, and whenever i tried to delete these files i got error.
Is Everything We Do Because We Are Selfish ?

Is Everything We Do Because We Are Selfish ?

Is Everything We Do Because We Are Selfish ?

So, Is everything we do for self benefit?
Definitions from dictionary.com
Excessive love and thought of self; the habit of regarding one's self as the center of every interest; selfishness; -- opposed to altruism.

Regard for others, both natural and moral; devotion to the interests of others; brotherly kindness; -- opposed to egoism or selfishness.

Egoism:(Another Definition)
In philosophy, egoism is the theory that one’s self is, or should be, the motivation and the goal of one’s own action. Egoism has two variants, descriptive or normative. The descriptive (or positive) variant conceives egoism as a factual description of human affairs. That is, people are motivated by their own interests and desires, and they cannot be described otherwise. The normative variant proposes that people should be so motivated, regardless of what presently motivates their behavior. Altruism is the opposite of egoism. The term “egoism” derives from “ego,” the Latin term for the English word “I”. “Egoism” should be distinguished from “egotism,” which means a psychological overvaluation of one’s own importance, or of one’s own activities.

Basically what I believe is that yes, everything we do is for self benefit. This makes me sound selfish and a bad person, but my reasoning behind this is because even if we do the opposite, which is an altruistic act, we still do it for self benefit.

For example, if we walk past a homeless person, we feel sorry for them and give them money. We now feel happy that we’ve given some money to a needy person. Now this at first seems like an altruistic act where we’re putting others before us, BUT with or without realizing we gave it to them for self satisfaction (happiness).
Why People In Inida Hate Scheduled Castes ?

Why People In Inida Hate Scheduled Castes ?

Why people in India hates Schedule Castes people of particular societies ?
One boy rejected after five - six years long relationship (when he told he is Schedule Castes). They had very strong relationship.

The girl knows that he loves her, boy have done each n every things for her by heart. He is well educated, having good family, very good financial background and decent enough to make a family together. But when he told he is Schedule Castes every thing is vanished, she treated him like dog, insulted him (in other way), the boy requested her, begged her but she left him because he is a Schedule Castes. This all happened when girls parents had inter caste marriage.

What about his true love for her..?
What about his feelings for here.. ?
What about the long time they spend together.. ?

If that boy is having two legs, two hands and two eyes with two ears and if he has capability of thinking then surely he is a human creature. The god made us there was no difference of caste, race, state or language but we people in India have only created it. Why caste come in between love..?

Our elders says heart is always master of all. Love is Ishwar, Allah, God...etc.. etc..
Then why caste come in between love..?

India is growing. Clothes, food, movies, malls, food chains, technology, language etc etc. We feel proud of themselves by wearing western outfits. It is good that we are growing, However when it comes to ethical values, we are losing it.

The idea of staying away from unclean people is understandable in a society that is obsessed with the concept of physical and mental purity. It is normal behavior to stay away from people who are found to be socially deviant, unreliable or unfamiliar. Personal hygiene, family background and financial status also do matter today in society. But why we hate, feels inequalities among men based on birth and family of some particular society or particular caste to be the will of God..? Sadly no other species out here can kill us, hate us so we continue to live to hate each other.

The only way to battle Castes system is by starting with our kids. They need to be taught that everyone is equal and cannot be summed up by stereotyping someone in sake of our culture or God. Stereotyping is the root of hating people and racism. Without Stereotyping, caste related differences, racism cannot exist. Teach them cool things about love, cultures,loving each other, about this beautiful world instead of hating people of particular society.
(Protect Yourself) Swine Flu In India - Do's And Dont's

(Protect Yourself) Swine Flu In India - Do's And Dont's

Swine flu is spreading like wildfire, taking the toll to six. Officials say there are currently more than 2,242 cases of the H1N1 flu strain in India . Governments from all around the world are finding ways to combat this deadly disease. So what can you do to protect yourself? Stay calm and practice these 10 effective prevention tips.

1. Wash your hands frequently

Use the antibacterial soaps to cleanse your hands. Wash them often, at least 15 seconds and rinse with running water.

2. Get enough sleep

Try to get 8 hours of good sleep every night to keep your immune system in top flu-fighting shape.

3. Keep hydrated

Drink 8 to10 glasses of water each day to flush toxins from your system and maintain good moisture and mucous production in your sinuses.

4. Boost your immune system

Keeping your body strong, nourished, and ready to fight infection is important in flu prevention. So stick with whole grains, colorful vegetables, and vitamin-rich fruits.

5. Keep informed

The government is taking necessary steps to prevent the pandemic and periodically release guidelines to keep the pandemic away. Please make sure to keep up to date on the information and act in a calm manner.

6. Avoid alcohol

Apart from being a mood depressant, alcohol is an immune suppressant that can actually decrease your resistance to viral infections like swine flu. So stay away from alcoholic drinks so that your immune system may be strong.

7. Be physically active

Moderate exercise can support the immune system by increasing circulation and oxygenating the body. For example brisk walking for 30-40 minutes 3-4 times a week will significantly perk up your immunity.

8. Keep away from sick people

Flu virus spreads when particles dispersed into the air through a cough or sneeze reach someone else’s nose. So if you have to be around someone who is sick, try to stay a few feet away from them and especially, avoid physical contact.

9. Know when to get help

Consult your doctor if you have a cough and fever and follow their instructions, including taking medicine as prescribed.

10. Avoid crowded areas

Try to avoid unnecessary trips outside. Moreover, avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs spread this way.
Tips To Prevent EXE Errors

Tips To Prevent EXE Errors

The number of programs and applications being used by computer users has increased enormously over last few years. This also increases the chances of your computer encountering various errors. One such error which frequently shows up on Windows PCs is the .exe error.

While some of the exe errors cannot be avoided, you can minimize the chances of their occurrence. This can be achieved by understanding the origin of these errors and following a few easy tips to prevent them.

EXE Errors: Their Origin and Dangers associated with them

All files with .exe filename extension, such as iexplore.exe and ikernel.exe are executable and hence they are commonly known as exe files. The main function of these files is to run an application or to perform a specific task within an application. When users download applications on their computers, they run because of exe files. Any errors associated with these exe files are called exe errors.

The reason why exe errors can be unavoidable at times is that there are hundreds of EXE files on a computer and several of these tend to become damaged or corrupt over a period of time.

Many of these exe errors are usually a result of a virus or a spyware assault on your computer. These malware can cause serious damage to the files and cause alterations in the settings as well as registry entries. This can cause the failure of applications like Internet Explorer to open or run properly. Sometimes these errors may prevent the user from even logging onto their system.

Some exe errors happen because of a conflict between exe files which belong to different third party applications.

A computer user will see messages like these when faced with an exe error.
“Windows cannot find File_Name.exe.”
“Windows cannot find Program_Name. Make sure you typed the name correctly.”
“File_Name.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows.”

Preventing EXE errors:

1. The first step to prevent exe errors is to make sure that you are using two reliable tools that will help you avoid exe errors:


You must install reliable anti-virus and anti-spyware tools on your computer. You must keep the real-time protection option turned ON. Finally, you must ensure that you perform regular and thorough scans of your system with these tools and keep them updated with the latest definitions.

2. You must take care of the following while downloading a new program on your computer:

* You should avoid downloading an application if you have an unreliable internet connection as it may damage or corrupt some files.

* You should also not download a huge program when your connection is slow as large files may never get downloaded correctly and may malfunction.

* Avoid downloading free applications from a source that is unreliable as these may install spyware exe files on your computer without your knowledge and cause errors

3. Avoid installing applications that you do not require as this will reduce the chances of exe errors.

4. Finally, a good idea is to clean existing exe errors from your system and remove potential error threats by using a reliable registry cleaner tool. This will help you eliminate some of the errors that are caused due to incorrect or damaged registry entries.
Smart Ways To Handle Computer Problems

Smart Ways To Handle Computer Problems

Computer problems can originate from various sources. They could be caused by a hardware problem which means that some component is dysfunctional or has failed. Some other problems can be caused due to software-related problems and errors related to computer files. Others still could be caused by malicious software like viruses and spyware that enter your PC without your consent and cause chaos. Finally, human errors could be behind some of the PC problems.

It is important that you understand what kind of computer problem you are facing. This helps you analyze the seriousness of the problem and assists you in deciding the resolution method. There are a large number of computer errors that can be easily taken care of with the help of a few tools and tips. This article lists a few smart ways that you can combat computer problems.

If your computer freezes randomly or you are suddenly bombarded with stop error messages and strange errors, such as kernel stack inpage error at system startup, it is quite likely that your PC is under a malware attack. If your PC is connected to the Internet or a network, disconnect it immediately and perform a thorough full system scan using your antivirus and antispyware tool. To be ready to combat new malware, you must ensure that your antivirus and antispyware tools are updated on a regular basis. It is also a good idea to opt for tools that provide real-time protection to ensure that your PC blocks these infections from entering your PC in the first place.

Computer errors may also occur if the software on your computer is not updated on a regular basis. Your Windows operating system, applications, device drivers and utilities all need to be updated on a regular basis. Failure to do this may not only generate outdated and missing file errors, but will also open up your PC to several malware programs that are built around the bugs patched up by these updates. To update your Microsoft programs, you must ensure that your Automatic Update tool is always enabled. Many third-party tools are shipped with update options, use them to update the programs on a regular basis. Finally, to ensure that your drivers stay up-to-date, you may use a good driver scanner tool that can do this task for you automatically.

Next, you need to ensure that your hard disk stays at its optimal performance. This is essential because all software, files, folders and other data is stored on the hard disk. A cluttered and fragmented hard disk can easily slow down your PC and generate unwarranted errors. To prevent this situation, you must use the Disk Cleanup tool to get rid of all unwanted files from the system. Also, remove any unwanted software by using the Add or Remove Programs or a good third-party program uninstaller tool. Lastly, use the Disk Defragmenter tool to make the data on the disk contiguous and optimize the hard disk for better, high speed performance.

Finally, you must make sure to maintain a healthy Windows registry. To do this, you can use a good registry tool to regularly scan, repair, and clean your registry.

Nokia 5800 Invalid Clip Opration Cancelled, File Format Not Supported

Nokia 5800 Invalid Clip Operation Cencelled, File Format Not Supported.
When i tried to play preloaded songs on my Nokia 5800 phone got this error..
Invalid Clip Operation Cancelled
Actually those are not the video clips but preloaded Songs.... The video center shows all the files as clips.

I found solution of this error, Now all songs working great on my Nokia 5800. Hope this solution works for you.

You Need:
1. Nokia Pc Suite.
2. Connection Cable, Bluetooth etc..
3. Download Nokia 5800 Activation Keys

Step 1: Connect your Nokia 5800 phone with PC through Pc Suite.

Nokia 5800 Invalid Clip Opration Cancelled how to open (Soution)
Step 2: Select and open "Memory Card".

Nokia 5800 Invalid Clip Opration Cancelled how to open (Soution)
Step 3: Open IMPORT Folder. If any activation keys are available, delete all (If you cant find any IMPORT folder in memory card make new folder and rename as IMPORT).

Nokia 5800 Invalid Clip Opration Cancelled how to open (Soution)
Step 4: Unzip the "5800 activation keys" files provided.

Step 5: Copy and Paste the all activation keys in the IMPORT folder.

Step 6: Power Off your mobile remove battery, reinstall battery and "Power ON"

Phone will automatically prepare memory card. Open music player the player will automatically search files and unlock preloaded songs.