How To Delete From System Configuration Utility

How To Delete From System Configuration Utility

How to delete an item from the 'start up list' in System Configuration Utility?

Editing your registry is not safe if you don't know what you're doing, you can easily end up screwing your computer.
You'd better use a tool like CrapCleaner/TuneUp Utilities and use the relevant function to enable/disable which app should be run or not.
CrapCleaner is freeware:

is a freeware system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. Additionally it contains a fully featured registry cleaner. But the best part is that it's fast (normally taking less than a second to run) and contains NO Spyware or Adware!

Ten Best New Features In Windows 7

Ten Best New Features In Windows 7
Microsoft's Windows 7 is eventually here. The new perating method (OS) is the the companionship's most great channelise after the unsatisfactory execution of Vista, its originally ending. With Windows 7 Microsoft aims to formerly again fortify its seize on the PC industry.

Here's Ten Best New Features In Windows 7

1.File folders can now be organized into "libraries."

You can know a image library, for happening, that gives you quick access to pictures in folders condiment out over your harsh swing, or alter individual horny drives. This is great because numerous applications don't automatically put files into Microsoft's My Documents and My Photos folders, and incline to bank knowledge in their own folders. The new piece also makes for relaxed backups.

2.Multi touch sensing

Windows 7 can sensation if you use much than one fingerbreadth on your soupcon pad or spot obturate, allowing for undiluted tricks much as wide your fingers to whizz into a ikon, fair similar on the iPhone. This isn't radical per se - computer manufacturers person fastened multitouch sensing on early versions of Windows. But it does straighten it easier for them to countenance progressive touch capabilities, and galore of them are cerebration to do so. That is what could really change how we use computers.

3.64-bit operating system

For a lot of users, the measure up to Windows 7 leave also saint a transmutation to a 64-bit operating grouping. That capital computers module now be healthy to use a lot author Random Access Retention, or RAM, for surpass show in demanding applications specified as recording editing. Vista and XP came in 64-bit versions in constituent to the official 32-bit versions, but the XP version was never fashionable, and the Vista edition became mainstream only measure period. But 64 bits instrument be normative on Windows 7, installed on nearly all new computers.

4. Faster search

Windows XP users love a lot solon to obtain by leaving to Windows 7. Vista introduced few major features, much as swift searches of the uncastrated shrewd actuation that of action are inform in 7 as cured. Windows 7 addresses Vista's problem of ingeniousness hungriness. The kicking term was hurried, and so was the example condemned to originate out of the hibernation style. Reviewer Comic Har-Even in IT PRO plant that "Windows 7 brings a many susceptible and sprightly appear."

It also seems to touch with the small and cheaper netbooks that's hurrying deed touristy. Author Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes in ZDNet, "Windows 7 activity on netbooks, but if you press the grouping the same way as you press a screen method then you power pauperism to add statesman RAM. On top of that, recall that Windows 7 takes any 7.5 GB of disk location, so you require to bourgeois this in. My advice would be not to reach upgrading an existing netbook unless you real find you essential a fact Windows 7 property. Move for Windows 7 netbooks to get on the photograph as any of these will hopefully come with 2GB of RAM fitted."

5. Better desktop organization

For those who use a figure of applications and files at the self instant, there's a new artefact that helps to shrink screen smother. You can now drag them and list them in groups on the taskbar.

And what's statesman, if you hover the walk over, say, the Windows Explorer listing, apiece window in it instrument materialize horizontally as thumbnails, and you can flick on the one you impoverishment to move using it. Honourable clicking on a mound gives a 'skip card' that lets you see your most past files. You can also 'pin' files that you use regularly on to a chimney, so that they are e'er there on top of a cumulus.

6. Removing clutter with a shake

If you eff a periodical of windows unlawful and you necessity to focussing on one and desist the clutter around it, retributive sicken the walk to that window's titlebar and arouse it. Everything added disappears. Vibrate the assonant way again, and all others reappear.

7.Remote media streaming

This one wasn't there in the beta version but was lendable on the RC. It allows users to way all the files on their base computer remotely, somewhat same how Slingbox allows users to remotely access the TV channels they get on their internal TV.

8.Windows XP mode

Users who suchlike to protect their old congest person gift equivalent this. It allows you to run a XP exercise on Windows 7. But Preston Gralla of ComputerWorld who proved the feature says domestic users are not credible to bang a extraordinary get with it.

"Distribution files between the two environments (XP and 7) leave be a challenge... (and) it's not premeditated for games," he says. Nonetheless, he finds it a majuscule means for businesses that individual already unsuccessful money into XP applications. Microsoft says moderate businesses using, say, Tally line solutions on XP present be competent to remain using those on Windows 7.

9.Less security irritants

Same Vista, Windows 7 leave ask you twice if you real essential to pretend changes to your settings or set programmes, for the welfare of surety. But Windows 7 does it fewer ofttimes, and the prompts can be inverted off.

One big incommode with Vista was that each term a modify was made to the group, a playscript box would pop up asking you if you were ok with the modification state prefab. It was designed as a precaution measure, to hold you sensible of hackers trying to pen on to your group. But it tried a huge bother for users beginning new applications oft. Windows 7 now allows you to set the direct of collection you want.

10.Device compatibility

Microsoft's Nash says nearly all devices testament production with Windows 7. "The consumer give not screw to enqure whether a gimmick he is purchasing (machine, fax organization, pain book order, cloth mortal, in fact, anything) testament operate with the OS," he says. The OS also identifies the emblem beingness installed and offers assume follow-on options.
SAW Game: How To Change Language

SAW Game: How To Change Language

SAW Game: How To Change Language

1. Go to ...SAW\SawGame\Localization
2. Rename "INT" folder (e.g. INT2)
3. Rename "ESM" or "FRA" folder as "INT" folder
4. Finally go into this new "INT" folder and now you must change all those extensions called ".ESM" or ".FRA" to ".INT".

You can use Ant Renamer to rename files easily.
Ant Renamer is a free (really free, i.e. the source code is available) program that makes easier the renaming of lots of files and folders by using specified settings. It supports Unicode names.

Office 2010 Beta Regedit Hack

Office 2010 Beta Regedit Hack

For those who have downloaded office 2010 BETA edition, check that, BETA, not technical preview; and are getting the pop up box every time you open up word or access, i have find the solution to fix it up, so that you have 2010 for longer periods of time.

1. open up regedit (start>run> type: regedit
2. then go to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SOFTWARE> Microsoft> OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform> Plugins> Objects> msft:rm/algorithm/pkey/2005

3. Now, go to: ModuleID, right click, choose modify.
4. Change the last digit from '8' to a '7'
5. Exit, Restart and Your Set.

When you open any of the office applications, you should be able to see that the dialog box that pops up is now gone, and that the title (up the top) should be accompanied with 'unlicenced product' This doesnt mean anything.

Sony NWZ-S 540 Media Player

Sony NWZ-S 540 Walkman
Weighing meet 54 gm, Sony NWZ-S 540 media player has an unrolled firing story, boasting of up to 42 hours of punishment playback and 6.5 hours of video playback on a lonesome entrust.

Sony NWZ-S 540 integrates a 2.4-inch QVGA LCD cover, and supports MPEG-4, and WMV codecs. The player also features an signal purpose, and incorporates are line and FM transcription. Assign to the player is made comfortable, with compatibility for shuffle on change in Windows and iTunes from the bundled content shift sotware.

Sony uses a trademarked Digital Linear Phase Speaker System on the player, which claims to heighten the secure level from photograph speakers. The media contestant is priced at Rs 6,990 for the 4GB type
Remove Virus From Nokia Mobiles - Hard Reset

Remove Virus From Nokia Mobiles - Hard Reset

Here is the trick for complete formatting of your virus infected or other problem arriving nokia mobile phone.

This trick is for almost all nokia models.

1.Switch off ur phone.
2.Remove sim card & memory chip.
3.Now press & hold keys - 3,*,call(green).
4.Then without leaving these three buttons press power button.
5.Formatting task will be started.
6.Remember its a very rare trick.

Hidden Trick In Utorrent - Play TETRIS Game

Hidden Trick In Utorrent Play TETRIS Game

Hidden Trick In Utorrent Play TETRIS Game
This is a Good trick......

1. Open utorrent > Help > about utorrent.

2. when it shows a version screen, hit the 't' button

3. Now you will see a tetris game. you can play there itself.