AMD Phenom II Or Intel Core i7 Comparison

AMD Phenom II Or Intel Core i7 Comparison
AMD Phenom II Or Intel Core i7 Comparison

1- Core i7 is more efficient that the new AMD.

2- The AMD Phenom II is more ecologic, because when the computer is in stand-by, the processor frequency slow down to the 800MHZ. This happens because AMD unblocked the multiplier, that transforms also the overclock in a easy thing to do.

3- Phenom II wins Core i7 in quality/price. The most expensive Phenom II costs 280€, in spite of the core i7 that costs 1000€.

4- The new AMD is the most inteligent option. A machine build with this processor is cheaper and more efficient (the motherboards of this processor can support until 4GB, while the core i7 one's support until the 3GB). That's because the motherboard's and RAM's are cheaper for the first processor. A Phenom II motherboard cost less than 150€, and it support's DDRII RAM's, that cost less than 20€/GB, while the Core i7 one cost's more than 250€, and they only support DDRIII RAM's, that can cost more than 50€/GB.

5- The PhenomII platform (called Dragon), comes with a ATI Radeon 4000series GPU. Intel misses this point, because this company don't have high-performance GPU's.

Core i7 is a good processor for rich guy's, but with this financial crisis, the most inteligent option is AMD PhenomII, because it's more economic and ecologic, and in spite of not having the Core i7 performance, a machine build with the AMD proposal, it's not only cheaper, but it's also quicker than a machine build with the Intel option.

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