Tweak software for windows xp 64bit

Tweak software for windows xp 64bit

TweakUI 64-Bit Edition is an edited variant of Microsoft's own TweakUI, with concur for AMD64 and EM64T

Microsoft originally free Squeeze UI as a continuance add ride with Windows 98. Since then, its usance enlarged and its popularity has grown, and with it, its cognition also.

Today, Tune UI is the optimum tweaking slave out there for the heavy changes, and Microsoft has refused to offer formal reinforcement for it. Time that is not an printing, i.e. there are hundreds of proof websites on the web, the fact that Microsoft has not yet free a type compatible with the ever-growing truthful 64-bit PC's, starting with the AMD programme and the upcoming Intel serial. So, if you are hunt for Squeeze UI for AMD 64-Bit processors or Windows 64-Bit Edition, download it here!

The optimizations currently throw exclusive for AMD and Intel EM64T's. What this translates to is no Itanium activity. Microsoft has realeased its own version for Itanium, which you can download at their Powertoy website. Delight tell, this faculty not run on Windows x86: you testament joining a serial of errors, and it rightful custom work. Supports Windows XP and 2k3 only.

TweakUI 64-Bit Edition 2.2

You can also use TuneUp Utilities 2010, It support xp x64 too.

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