How To Check Your AntiVirus Working Or Not

How To Check Your AntiVirus Working Or Not

This article is best in checking out whether your antivirus software is running at its best or not. It was not known to many that how to check the antivirus software they are using is working properly or not. Please read the article for the details.

1:-Click Start --> Open Notepad -->

2:-Copy the code exactly in the notepad :


3:-Now Save it with the name fakevirus.exe in any of your folder/drives.

4:-If this file got deleted immediately...then it means that your antivirus is working properly and updated !!

5:-If this doesnt happens and you see the saved file in that folder do right click the file and select scan with your installed antivirus and if the scan shows the file then it means your antivirus is working properly but not updated with a new version, as best antivirus softwares detect any virus (at the same second when you save the same in your system)without your effort of going to specified folder and scanning the folder.

6:-If it doesnt shows any kind of threats then you need to change your antivirus software immediately with some good one with the new version.

Avatar The Movie Don't Download It, A Must Watch Movie In Theater

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For you's who don't know what this movie is about, it is about a planet called Pandora (Earth) which is now run by all sorts of futuristic wildlife. The humans return to become part of this wildlife, the avatar (Picture above) to become part of "The people" (The avatar family) which are hundreds of, and around the world is thousands upon thousands. The movie then has a battle. Where a marine and a team are trying to defend the avatar's for they are emotionally involved with them against their own, human race.

12 Years of work
$325 million spent (Most expensive movie in history)

I must say, don't download this movie. Go and watch it, i swear, you will not, regret it.

The characters look perfectly life like.
The environments look real, detailed everything.
The script is so involved, it doesn't fade off to some rubbish about stuff you dont want to know.

The movie is deep, emotional and very memorable.

Avatar The Movie HD Wallpapers Free Download