USB Mass Storage Coming To Xbox 360

USB Mass Storage Coming To Xbox 360
Game blog Joystiq has screens of could you repeat that? It says is an imminent build of the Xbox 360 system software with the intention of will allow USB bulk storage space devices to supply as memory units.

The figure, which Joystiq says is due made known in the then hardly any months as part of the spring logic bring up to date, will curve any USB-based storage space device--be it an outdoor tricky drive or a sparkle drive--into a reminiscence source up to 16GB, which will bring about solely as the Xbox 360 tricky drive and reminiscence units sort out. This includes allowing users to imitation games to these devices, as a replacement for of having to spin up the 360's disc drive, as well as saving Live Arcade games, movies, and down loadable content.

Though according to Joystiq, users with a USB hub and a handful of low-cost flash drives shouldn't make too excited, as the system limits the quantity of USB bulk storage space diplomacy to solely two. This earnings you can be inflicted with two 16GB partitions handy, for a whole of 32 extra gigabytes of storage space on top of whatever tricky drive you've got. This must still be salutation news pro public with Xbox Arcade units, or launch systems with 20GB of storage space, who sort out not feel like bombardment made known for Microsoft's pricey add-on tricky drives.
Equally for what this means for Microsoft's Xbox 360 memory units, which use a proprietary plug and currently top made known at 512MB, it would seem their calculate on this earth is numbered.

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