How to install Windows 8 Dev Preview on VMWare Player?

Just downloaded Windows 8 Dev Preview (32 bit). I don't have an extra box, so I figured I would just install it under VMWare player. Using the Win7 option in VMWare was a no-go, and when I tried to install as an "other" OS, it failed. Any idea if it's possible to install under VMWare Player? Or maybe another virtual machine software running under windows 7?

You should either go with Oracle VM VirtualBox (as recommended by Roberto) or VMWare Workstation.

I know people who have installed Windows 8 on both of those VM's.

For the most part, VMWare Workstation is probably a better product, mostly because there is paid development behind it, but VirtualBox is open source software and works pretty good.

If you are just looking to play around with VM's, VirtualBox is a good choice. I have used both. I made the switch to Oracle VM VirtualBox when Ubuntu 11.04 came out because VMWare had a bug with Unity in their VM that VirtaulBox did not.

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