How To Recover Data From External Hard Disc (hdd)

How To Recover Data From External Hard Disc (hdd)

I've tried easeus and stellar pheonix data recovery programs neither works. I perform the longer scan and when it's done there aren't any files displayed just a blank list. It's a wd 500gb passport. When I can get the hdd to connect it says its unallocated, most of the time the drive won't even show up in device manager.

1. This recovery app:

Use the RawRecovery method, No need to let it scan for hours if not needed, Just follow
the progress, If you see it doesn't find any files after a few minutes, Abort. Do note that because
this method ignores the file system, If it'd be able to find your files, They won't have their original

2. As I previously suggested, Buy the same external purely for enclosure swapping purposes, Yeah it's
not a sure thing as we don't know whether the enclosure or hdd itself are at fault,But it's very affordable and might do the trick,If that won't work, Buy a set of TORX screwdrivers and swap the PCB's (electronic board) T9 in specific is used on HDDs,If still no goes, Maybe a fully identical PCB will help, Will cost you some money but not too much, Ask for it here::

You should include the following details in your post:

1. The full model name (I.E WD2500BMVU-11A04S0)
2. P/N or R/N numbers (whichever available)
3. DCM
4. The PCB's serial number (appears on a sticker on the electronics side)

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1. It gets's unstable power from the enclosure, Buy a new 2.5" SATA enclosure and swap it.

2. The HDD reading heads have gone bad,In this case.Professional data recovery is the only
way to go, Do note that this will cost you $800 minimum, Also note that while these companies
have many spares, They don't actually fix HDDs and return em working to the client, What I mean
is, They fix it temporarily then they transfer the data to a secondary HDD (which you provide or purchase
from em),They have to work this way in order to stay in business.

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If you open it you'll void the warranty. The WD Passports seem to have problems, seen quite a few that are dead.
What would cost $150? Data recovery/transfer? Don't bother with box stores for service. They pay minimum wage and so anyone with any real skill doesn't work there. They usually state that to work there you have to have A+ certification which means they've got about 6 months' experience. Doesn't cover the subject of what to do if things go wrong in any depth.